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Frank Tang

Certified QT Practitioner and Instructor



East Sussex
United Kingdom

Contact Information


+44 (0)7300577988


[email protected]


I have been engaged in IT project management for decades, mainly responsible for the implementation and integration of information systems. I was also a long-distance runner and participated in different marathons (Sub 3:30). In terms of things related to healing the body, mind, and spirit, there is actually no chance of contact. In 2021, I suffered from gout, which allowed me to truly experience the impact of long-term pain on my life. When I had no solution and entered the bottom of my life, God cleverly arranged for me to contact and learn the knowledge and technology of Quantum-Touch (Quantum-Touch, QT). On the one hand, it made me realize the power and effectiveness of QT and love in healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and removed my psychological fear of gout and recovered my health. On the other hand, it also made me pay more attention to the physical condition of my family, friends and people in need around me. Therefore, using QT can help them reduce the impact of pain on their daily life, allowing them to show their smile again.


Dear friends, if you suffer from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, or even chronic illness and no solution, please contact me. I hope that I can be lucky enough to use QT, love and my own experience, starting from your body, mind and spirit, to enhance your self-healing ability, so as to improve your physical condition and walk into another beautiful life, thank you.



- Under the healing of QT, gout no longer has the ability to affect my body and health, and now it only becomes some meaningless values ​​(uric acid value).

- QT is also effective on pets, animals and plants. Saving their lives is equally important to me.

- I provide in-person healing (Only available in East Sussex, UK) and distant healing (no time and place limitation). 

- Quantum-Touch (QT) is not medical knowledge and is not a substitute for a doctor's opinion, treatment or advice.

- If you have any inquiries, please use WhatsApp or email to contact me, and please mark "QT Healing", I will reply you as soon as possible.


本人從事資訊科技項目管理數十年,主要負責電腦系統實施和整合的工作。亦曾經是一個長跑愛好者,參與不同的馬拉松比賽 (Sub 3:30)。本身和癒療身、心、靈相關的事情上,其實沒有半點接觸的機會。2021年,我患了痛風症,從而使我真實體驗長期痛症對於生活的影響。在我苦無對策和走進了人生谷底的情況之下,上天巧妙地安排我接觸和學習到量子共振 (Quantum-Touch, QT) 的智識和技術。一方面令我體會到QT和愛對於療癒身體、精神、情緒和靈性的力量和效用,消除我對痛風症的心理恐懼和恢復我的健康。另一方面亦令我增加對家人、朋友和身邊有需要的人仕的身體狀況的關注。從而使用QT令他們減少因痛症而影響他們的日常生活,令他們從新展現他們的笑容。


親愛的朋友們,如果你受到身體、精神、情緒和靈性上的問題、甚至長期病患的困擾而苦無對策,請你聯絡我。希望我有幸能夠透過QT 、愛和我自身的體驗,從你的身、心、靈出發, 增強你的自我療癒能力,從而改善你的身體狀況和走進另一個美好的人生,謝謝。



- 在QT的療癒之下,痛風症已經再沒有能力影響我的身體和健康,現在只成為一些沒有意義的數值(尿酸值)。

- QT對於寵物、動物和植物亦同樣有效。拯救它們的生命,對我來說,是同樣重要。

- 本人提供親身(In-person)療癒(只限於英國東薩塞克斯郡(East Sussex))和遙距(Distant)療癒(不限時間和地點)。

- 量子共振 (Quantum-Touch, QT) 並非醫療知識,並不能代替醫生的意見,治療或建議。

- 如有任何查詢,請用WhatsApp 或 email 與我聯絡,並請註明"QT療癒",我會盡快回覆。


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