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Veronika Woolford


United Kingdom

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(+44) 7549057792


[email protected]



Hello and welcome.

I am qualified Quantum Touch practitioner ( Level 1, Level 2 and Self - created health).

My energy healing journey began in 2017 when my son fell very ill with arthritis. It affected nearly all of his joints (both arms and legs) and at one point he could not walk at all for few days. 

I started researching alternative ways of helping him and I found an amazing homeopathy practitioner. He began his treatment. To ease off his pain even more I was using The Silva method energy healing I learned from a book. I was so amazed how well it worked and I wanted to learn more.

When I searched for Jose Silva courses I came across a Quantum Touch course by "accident " and I felt inspired to take it.

Quantum Touch is an incredible healing technique working with the life - force energy of the body to reduce pain and promote optimal wellness.

Since learning QT I witnessed and experienced many wonderful healings. I am very grateful for this amazing method which still surprises me.

Please check my website for more info.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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