The Essence Of Healing Is Love

I am very new to the Quantum-Touch modality, specifically having received the material I had ordered only about a week ago, after listening to an interview with Richard. HOWEVER, I must say that it seems I have known and used some of these wonderful principles intuitively for a long time. Moreover, although I have not yet finished the Quantum-Touch book – nor watched all the videos – I had an opportunity this past Sunday to facilitate an astounding healing session on a friend.

Because it is such a lovely story, permit me to share it with you:

It was Sunday morning at my meditation center, where we gather each Sunday for our spiritual classes and to practice meditation."We" represents a very diverse group of individuals from many cultures, belief systems and nationalities. Well, one of these individuals is a lovely, vibrant woman about 80 years of age, who spends part of the year here in New York with her daughter, and the remainder in Florida, where she lives with her husband.

She had come to New York the previous day from Florida, but she had somehow hurt her back while she was getting ready to travel.  Although in pain, she was determined to make the trip because she was planning to continue on to India. This would be her very first visit to the global headquarters and spiritual home of our meditation organization in the mountains of Rajasthan. She has been a member of the organization for about 10 years, and every year she watched most of the rest of us make this annual pilgrimage to our "home". Now, she had finally overcome all obstacles of family objections or other impediments and made the decision to travel this long distance, despite her age. She simply felt a powerful sense of determination to do this.

But when I saw her in the morning, she was in a lot of pain and had difficulty getting up from her seat, or walking. She held on to both the baluster and the wall while walking down a set of stairs. My heart went out to her, and when I spoke with her I was touched by both her courage and determination to make her journey. Her flight to Mumbai was leaving on Sunday evening.

An inner voice guided me to offer to help her. I explained the principles of Quantum-Touch energy healing – which she totally understood – and asked her to focus her own thoughts on energetic healing, Using the knowledge I had gained from the (as yet unfinished) book and the first few videos I had watched, as well as trusting my own intuitive voice, I proceeded to run energy on her back. I kept up my breathing, including fire breath intervals while running the energy and I actually lost track of time. The energy that I felt running into my hands and that interacted with her body became so hot that my entire body was "on fire".  But I kept up my breathing routine and concentrated on sending her loving thoughts and whatever energy I was able to pass to her.

When I felt the intensity of the heat diminish and the energetic sensation lessen considerably I asked her for feedback. With tears in her eyes, she told me that she could not feel any pain at the moment. She had felt "a huge ball as hot as fire: in her back, and also felt an energy release traveling up through the center of her body, right out through her throat and leave her body with her breath. She was deeply touched and appreciative, and we both could relate to the fact that it was LOVE that allowed all of this to happen. As spiritual travelers we both understood the theory behind that expression, but this was a wondrous affirmation of it. She walked down the same set of stairs with ease and no pain at all at this point. I felt totally uplifted and energized the entire day (actually still do, as I am writing this).

I have to say I was totally awed and humbled by this experience. I do not, and did not at the time, consider that it was my doing, but I am so grateful that I was allowed to be an instrument for this healing. Cautioning her that some of her pain may return or manifest in some way, but also informing her that the healing power of her own body would continue beyond this short session (it was about 20 minutes), we hugged, and I wished her well on her spiritual journey to India. She is there now.

I hope that I have not bored you with the details of my experience, but I am feeling such gratitude towards Richard for bringing this wonderful work to the world that I am taking the liberty of bending your ear (or eye) by going into such detail. THANK YOU RICHARD!

Heidemarie Stanton

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