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Which product is for beginners?
Where do I start?

Read "Quantum-Touch: The Power To Heal"

In the book "Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal", Quantum-Touch Founder Richard Gordon clearly explains all of the Basic Quantum-Touch techniques. After doing the exercises in the book and practicing Quantum-Touch on others, you will have a wonderful understanding of Quantum-Touch and the field of energy work.

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Learn Quantum-Touch Online!

The fastest and most economical way to get started with Quantum-Touch is to learn Quantum-Touch at home with the Quantum-Touch Original Online Training. The Original Online Workshop is a complete, low cost Quantum-Touch workshop with interactive quizzes and practice sessions.

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Attend a Live (Virtual or In-Person Level 1 Workshop

The Live Quantum-Touch Live (in-person or virtual) Level 1 Workshop is a 13 Hour course, taught by certified Quantum-Touch instructors all over the world. Quantum-Touch is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

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How do I find a workshop in my area?

Healing Circles, Live Level 1 Workshops, Advanced Workshops, and Special Events are uploaded to our online Event Calendar daily and you can search for workshops in your area right from your home. To view events in your area, please go to our online schedule:

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How do I find a Certified Practitioner in my area?

Certified Practitioners also have the option of listing their contact information and a bio on our website. To browse a list of Certified Practitioners, go to our practitioner listings:


How do I find a Certified Instructor in my area?

Certified Instructors have the option of listing their contact information and a bio on our website. To browse a list of Certified Instructors go to our instructor listings:


Who is/are your best Practitioner(s)/Instructor(s)?

We do not rank our Certified Practitioners and Instructors. All persons are required to go through the same training and are held to the same requirements in order to become either a Certified Practitioner or Instructor. When seeking a practitioner or instructor we encourage you to review the list of practitioners and instructors on our website and see whose bio you might resonate with and get in touch with that person directly.

How do I become a Certified Practitioner and/or Instructor?

You must first work towards becoming a Certified Practitioner before you can become a Certified Instructor and the requirements for both are listed on our website.

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Where can I purchase products?

All Quantum-Touch products, including pendants, malas, and books are available on our online store.

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Where can I find the workshops schedule?

All Quantum-Touch events are listed online:

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Our certified instructors teach worksohps virtually and in-person.

Energy Healing Questions


How quickly will people heal?

How quickly a person heals is due in part to variables we do not control. Simply offer the Quantum-Touch healing and allow their inner-healing to do the work. Here are some of the variables that determine healing:

  • Nutritional needs (does their body have the resources?)
  • Willingness to heal (on the surface it's always "yes," but underneath?)
  • Time (some things take time, such as tissue growth)
  • Toxicity or Congestion in the body (definitely hampers healing)
  • Severity (intense or severe conditions won't always heal quickly)
  • Emotions and Mental framesets that resist healing

Sometimes people keep a condition because they haven't learned what they needed to learn from it. All conditions we experience in life have the potential to provide lessons for us. This is especially true of disease, illness, injury, emotional upset, etc. Often a person's condition is just a wake-up call for them to pay attention to their life. Did they get the message? If not, they may hold on to the condition until the whole process is complete.

We cannot force people to heal and we are not responsible if they don't heal as rapidly as we would like. Many things can be going on.

  • Something else, even more critical, may be getting healed instead of the obvious thing we are working on. This happens all the time.
  • The underlying cause may be emotional, and the person resists moving through the emotion.
  • The client is the real healer and their ability to heal depends significantly upon allowing themselves to heal. Some people don't always allow a healing if they feel that they "deserve" the condition. It's possible to resist healing if it goes against a mindset. In this case, the mental framework needs to be adjusted also.
  • People heal as quickly as the sum total of forces allows.

You can think of all conditions as a balance of forces either regenerative or degenerative. These forces act on 5 levels: Physical, Energetic (aura, meridians, chakras, etc.), Emotional, Mental, and their connection to or separation from Pure Spirit or Consciousness. The more regenerative forces and the fewer the degenerative forces, the faster the healing.

As you enter the world of healing, you begin to see that you can help even more by sensing deficiencies in nutrition, energy deficiencies, emotional attitudes, mental framesets, and degree of spiritual attunement your client has. You can take specialized training to learn these things if you feel drawn to do so. The great thing about Quantum-Touch is that you don't really need anything else to create remarkable healing, but if you have additional knowledge in these areas and are qualified to offer it, it sometimes can help.

If it's appropriate to your skills, training, and certifications, in the healing session, you may find it appropriate to suggest ways to help your client free themselves of the obstacles you sense are counterproductive to their healing. Often simply getting the client into a greater state of "allowing" is all that is needed to help things along.

One of the nice things about Quantum-Touch is that it breaks through so many barriers without the need for specialized education. You don't have to know everything or be clever. Simply run the energy and into a very simple love space. That's enough to create remarkable healing in most cases, and it's the best thing you can do from your side. The rest depends on the factors over which we do not have direct control.

How many sessions does it take to heal scoliosis or to heal (fill in the blank)?

People often ask "How many sessions will it take to improve my condition?" It's a difficult question to answer because there are many variables. In some cases improvements can be felt or even seen in a matter of minutes, other will take much longer to manifest.

The factors that determine how fast we heal are:

  • Age
  • The time the condition has persisted
  • The number of regenerative factors in the person's life

That said, we are sometimes pleasantly surprised at how rapidly some people heal in spite of what appears to be negative factors. So we never want to assume that a problem won't heal rapidly.

The regenerative factors I mentioned include all the ways we take care of ourselves.

  • Exposures to Toxic/Healthy Foods and Environments
  • Emotional Health
  • Rest
  • Spiritual Practices such as Deep Meditation

Another element is how much people are willing to allow the healing. We work with people to help them allow their system to ease into alignment. It's an art. The willingness to allow and let the healing happen is a factor that we know helps, but it is difficult to quantify and an art for both the practitioner and client to explore. The best thing to bring to a healing session is an open mind. We simply do not know the limits of what can be healed.

Can everyone learn to do this?

Everyone can do this, absolutely. Even in the beginning you will find that you can do astounding work. This ability is built into every person. It does not require years of study like learning the piano. You can be very effective from the beginning and be of great help to people who are suffering. Even in a few minutes you can relieve so much pain.

As you get more experience, you will find that you may get faster results. It's not just experience, but the openness that you can sustain to allow the energy to flow easily. The willingness to allow is a central factor and is an element of love.

So, just be your natural self and allow the energy to do its work without getting too attached to outcome. The benefits will come just by holding the resonant energy field. After awhile you will experience seeming miracles of healing. These miracles are the natural result of the process that makes Quantum-Touch so powerful. Quantum-Touch engages so many aspects of healing: Consciousness, Attention, Intention, Love, Breath, Visualization, etc. We don't know of any better formula for energy healing than Quantum-Touch.

How does Quantum-Touch work for emotional release?

We find that it works extremely well -- Especially because it gets the client out of the psychological aspect and focuses the release on the place physically where that emotion was stored in the body. It allows the release to take place very efficiently. With any emotional release, there can often be tears, laughter, or other response, but the ability to lift it from the physical/energy level is remarkable.

Usually, there is some life lesson connected with the emotion (that's why we still are holding on to it). If we can at the same time come to an understanding of the lesson, then the emotion releases easier. Lessons often center around forgiveness, letting go, willingness to move forward, and living in the present moment.

What is the difference between life-force energy and electricity?

Life force energy appears to be a completely different kind of energy from electricity. Current science does not have the instruments to measure it (yet). It appears not to obey the inverse-square law which describes how most electrical forces dissipate rapidly with distance.

Can seniors learn Quantum-Touch?

We've had excellent results teaching Quantum-Touch to seniors. We've taught many seniors Quantum-Touch, and no one has had a problem learning the work. Their results from giving or receiving Quantum-Touch sessions are also excellent.

Can you work on yourself?

Yes, you can work on yourself. Most people find that working on themselves produces slower results than having someone else work on them. However results are achieved. You do not need to physically touch the actual site of pain. You can treat it like long distance healing or by touching some part of your anatomy that is comfortable and through intent sending the energy to the area in question.

Can you teach Quantum-Touch to children?

Usually children learn Quantum-Touch even better and faster than adults. They also can have great results.

Are the workshops for professionals or lay people?

The Quantum-Touch workshops are for everyone. Oftentimes workshops have amix of professional and lay people. Some are body workers, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physicians, etc., and others may have not taken a healing workshop before. We've had children as young as 8 and great grandparents. Everyone learns to use this work effectively.

What is the difference between personal energy and Universal energy? Which is the preferred one to use in Quantum-Touch and why?

Personal energy is your "essence" or base energy that maintains your personal health and strength. You don't want to use this up as it can easily make you ill. Universal energy is that which comes from all around you and is unlimited in supply. Universtal energy is what you want to use and why you want to use it. This is also what we use in Quantum-Touch.

Is Quantum-Touch the same as QiGong?

To some degree there are similarities however Quantum-Touch does not gather energy to store within in order to release later. It is a constantly renewing format. There is no concern about picking up "dirty Qi" as the breath work takes that out of the equation. Quantum-Touch follows the pain instead of putting energy into particular acupoints, though you can do this with Quantum-Touch. There are many more similarities and yet differences.

How can you work on yourself if it is hard to reach the place that needs healing?

For the areas that are hard to physically reach do a "long distance" style healing on yourself. (Picture the part of your body that you want to work on between your hands and send in the energy, just as you would if you were working on someone else long distance). Also understand that while working on yourself with Quantum-Touch usually does respond, sometimes amazingly well, it is often slower than having someone else work on you. Quantum-Touch works on pretty much everything. It does have different levels of result on different people due to their particular acceptance and willingness/ability to change. These "abilities" are usually affected by emotional states, though there are certainly other factors that can affect this. So relax, enjoy, have a joyful attitude as you work and reach into as giving and loving a state as you can as you work. Love smooths and opens you and others to a much easier flow of energy. Remember that it is a type of "gift" that you are offering yourself, this is one of the keys to this work.

Why are specialized breathing techniques needed in Quantum-Touch?

Quantum Touch is a method of energy flow that raises one's vibration through specialized breathing techniques. Then a practitioner may touch or think of another person and send that higher energy vibration to them. The healer (person being healed) entrains to the higher vibration, rather than drawing the energy sender down to their vibration, specifically because of the breathing techniques. There are several variations to the techniques and each person will find which breathing patterns work best for them, and which patterns to use at different times. Richard's book explains all this as do the workshops.

Which breathing pattern should I use?

Find a breathing pattern that works for you. Relax, enjoy and have fun with the work. A light heart makes for a smooth flow of energy.

What is the difference between Quantum-Touch and Reiki?

Reiki is enhanced by Quantum-Touch. Quantum-Touch is a natural and innate skill requiring no attunements or symbols. It can be learned with simple breathing and body awareness techniques. These techniques allow the Quantum-Touch practitioner to powerfully focus and amplify CHI (or life-force energy). Quantum-Touch seamlessly combines with Reiki to improve the outcome of your sessions.

Is Quqnautm-Touch used to clear or release emotional issues? Or is it only for the physical?

We find that it works extremely well for emotional issues, especially because it gets the client out of the psychological aspect and focuses the release on the place physically where that emotion was stored in the body. It allows the release to take place very efficiently. With any emotional release, there can often be tears, laughter, or other response, but the ability to lift it from the physical/energy level is remarkable. Usually there is some life lesson connected with the emotion (that's why we still are holding on to it). If we can at the same time come to an understanding of the lesson, then the emotion releases easier. Lessons often center around forgiveness, letting go, willingness to move forward, and living in the present moment.

Why does energy follow our thoughts?

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has shown us for the last 80 years that the observer is part of the observation. You cannot observe anything without affecting it. Our contribution to the discussion is that CONCENTRATED OBSERVATION HAS A CONCENTRATED EFFECT. Quantum-Touch, through its many methods, brings more awareness and consciousness into the observation and thus has a deeper and faster impact from the quantum level on up into the macro visible realm.

I have to admit that I am "imagining" the sensations more than I am actually feeling them. Will the sensations increase as I practice? Will they change? Grow stronger? Is imagining them enough to activate them?

Some people are more sensitive than others, especially in the beginning. Practice and be sure to "play" as you do it. A joyful attitude allows the energy to flow more easily.

Feeling sensation is not necessary to doing great work with Quantum-Touch. Keep practicing and you will likely develop the ability to sense energy.

Does skepticism or doubt inhibit Quantum Touch?

One of the most amazing and wonderful aspects of Quantum-Touch is that the practitioner may hold tremendous skepticism and still do great work. The person receiving may be skeptical as well.

"I remember asking a chiropractor at a workshop who had never attended a lecture to demonstrate that bones will move into alignment with a light touch using Quantum-Touch. He said that he taught at a chiropractic college, and he knew that it was impossible; he had never seen it done, and he knew that he could not do it. It took me a while to help him take the tension out of his hands since he was accustomed to using force. A minute later, he couldn't believe his eyes when he succeeded, and he had to repeat it on four other people before he finally let himself believe what had happened. Afterwards he just stood there with a huge grin on his face."
- Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

In time you will get over your skepticism, but in the meantime, its fine to be as skeptical as you like. Keep the breathing and the body sweeps working and you will get over your doubts.

There is a part of us that is always doubting and wants proof. It's not wrong to listen to this part of ourselves. Doubt can't be overcome by trying to ignore this doubting voice or trying to force belief. That just creates an unnatural inner state. This doubting part of us only listens to experience. When experience proves to us the reality of something, such as the healing phenomenon of Quantum-Touch, then that doubting part of us becomes a great friend and ally.

Why Does Moving Bones Really Matter?

One thing that sets Quantum-Touch apart from other hands-on healing approaches is that our students can easily assist the body in moving bones into alignment with only a light touch. Most people who attend a live or virtual workshop discover that they can do this during their first workshop, and often before lunch break on the first day.

So why is it important?

First, the Quantum-Touch practitioner does not put the bones back into alignment; the body intelligence uses the energy to move them into alignment. When misalignments, or as the chiropractors like to call them, "subluxations" occur, they can interrupt the proper energy and nerve flow throughout the body. So how do I know that it is important for the bones to move? The body tells me. When you run energy and see that the bones quickly melted back into alignment, this is a message that the body prioritizes good structural alignment. A block in any part of the body will affect the total potential flow of energy throughout the body and affect the speed of all potential healing.

By the way, when the hips are not aligned there may not be enough room for baby's head during labor, which can be a primary reason for C-sections.

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