Helping to ease nervousness, creating a group mood

I have only read the book and am scheduled for the workshop in 2 weeks.

Yesterday I was in an adult forum at church. My pastor was explaining to the group about a controversial topic which has come to the attention of the national church governing body. He had just completed one group session on this and we had fewer people at the 2nd session. My pastor is very good at handling tough situations.

For some reason, his body language indicated to me that he was nervous or edgy. I can't imagine why. Maybe too much coffee - I don't know. Without knowing any of the details, I just started running energy into my hands with my fingertips touching each other. I tried to imaging him small inside my hands, thinking the word "relax". I didn't want to be noticed, so I kept my breathing quiet and slow 4-4. I also wanted to pay attention to the discussion so I didn't want to focus too much on this. (since I'm new at it I have to work harder.) Slowly I felt the energy start to flow and build into my hands. After 5-10 minutes he started to seem more himself. The energy wouldn't stop though, so I continued. I made it into a distance healing, without knowing any of his health issues. Then later I decided to imagine the whole room tiny inside my hands. I wanted to create a spirit of love, since these kinds of things tend to divide us. All I could think of is that there is no limit to QT, so why not?

It's funny. I have no idea if this made any difference. Before this session I had come to the tail end of the 1st session. It seemed people had more controversial questions there. This time people didn't ask those kinds of questions. Maybe it had to do with who was there and whether they already supported the topic. Maybe the pastor presented it differently after having seen how the 1st one went. I don't know. I will never know.

At least I got some practice running energy.


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