Five minutes before I started a Quantum-Touch lecture at Chicago’ s Transitions Bookstore, a mother brought her little daughter, Sally, to see if it could help the girl’ s bowed legs. Sally’ s knees were very far apart when she was standing, so I stood her on the chair and worked on her hips for about five minutes. She just stood there calmly and trusting. After the 5 minutes, I asked her mom to take Sally around the store and " let everything integrate."

During my lecture the mother said, " I want you all to see this." She explained how both of Sally’ s knees were so bowed that it was painful for Sally to walk and even painful to watch her daughter walk. Sally had also been undergoing painful physical therapy for her bowed legs on a regular basis with no obvious results. In the back of the store, there is a chain across the door. Before the lecture, Sally was not able to reach up and touch it. She told Sally that in another year, she would be tall enough to reach it. " Just now, Sally reached up for a chain, and with her knees straight she could easily reach it." Mom and grandma were very thrilled. The audience clapped and cheered when the mom told her story and some people had tears in their eyes. In subsequent visits, Sally’ s knees have remained straight. I’ ve often seen extraordinary healings with Quantum-Touch, but we don’ t always get the photos to document it.

Terry Negri, Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor
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