What Draws People To Practice Quantum-Touch Energy Healing?

I believe everyone is a healer because each body can only heal itself. We cannot heal anyone else.  However, we can send life-force energy to other people for their bodies to use to heal themselves, which is what I do when using Quantum-Touch.  As I facilitate the space for healing, I have no control over how others bodies use the energy I send.  I simply trust that their bodies know the best way to use it.

So, what makes a person WANT to offer healing energy to other people?  As self-professed energy healers , what is it within us that drives us to learn become energy healers and then actively search out like-minded people who are willing to accept (and, hopefully, pay for) our energy. Ive asked myself this question many times, especially since we live in a practical world that often equates energy healing with skeptics.

Those of us who spend money and time learning, practicing and teaching these energy healing techniques can expect only modest recognition for our efforts, so why do we do it?

I dont know about other Quantum-Touch Practitioners and Instructors, but I am hooked on the results I have witnessed.  How can I NOT try to help someone in pain or with physical problems when I have seen such wonderful healing stories?  Even if the energy I send to someone doesnt seem to be working at the outset, I know that their body has accepted it to the persons highest good and I must be content.  I have done all I can and now it is up to the Universe or God to determine the extent of the healing, or not. The results are simply not part of my responsibility.

So I continue my personal crusade for acceptance of energy healing and dont worry about the opinions of the world at large. For now, it simply makes me feel good to work with people who can willingly accept the energy I can offer them.   With each healing I say a prayer, Dear God, I surrender this healing to You. May it follow Your purpose and its result unfold according to Your will. Amen. Then I rely on my intent, experience and intuition to send the energy where it is needed with as little attachment to the outcome as I can muster.

Surrendering the results to an intelligence greater than me is the hardest part of my practice but its also what keeps me focused on my job!


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