Quantum-Touch Energy Healing Principles

Across the board one of the most common questions we get is: "Will Quantum-Touch Heal My Condition?" This video answers that question and gives a basic introduction to the Quantum-Touch Energy Healing Principles!

1.Energy Healing is about sharing Love: As you will discover, energy healing is based upon opening the heart and is a wonderful way to share your love.

2.Healing works through Resonance & Entrainment: The practioner uses specific breathing and body awarness techniques to raise and hold their vibration and healing occurs as the client matches the vibration that the practitioner is holding. The practitioner does not become drained.

3.All Healing is Self Healing: You can no more heal another person then digest the other person's lunch!

4.Energy Healing is Simple: There is no need to understand complex anatomy; even small children can do energy work.

4.Energy Healing is Effective: Quantum Touch is so effective that the majority of our praciticioners are composed of Nurses, Chiropractors, Physicians and Health Praticicioners.

6.We are using Life Force Energy: Life Force energy is the animating current of life and is intrinsic to all of us.

7.Body Intelligence: The body knows how to heal itself. Therefore we want to learn to trust the process.

Typically, we find a couple of main reasons why people are attracted to Quantum-Touch.

1.Cuiosity Seekers- Many people are attracted to the simplicity and effectiveness of using Quantum-Touch to raise their vibration and consciousness to higher levels.

2.In Need of Healing- People report that traditional Western healthcare is not effective in treating their painful chronic condition(s). They are looking for inexpensive, effective, and non-invasive forms of alternative medicine to accelerate their own healing.  Many people experience profound healing stories using Quantum-Touch energy healing techniques and are then excited to refer friends/family members.

3.Practitioners- Our Quantum-Touch Certified Practitioners largely consist of nurses, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, and energy/alternative medicine practitioners. They are always on the lookout for complementary tools that will increase their effectiveness and give them the ability to add more value to their clients. **Quantum-Touch is also approved for CE credits for Massage therapists & Nurses.

4.New Profession/Additional Income- After experiencing the miraculous healing and life changing benefits of Quantum-Touch or other alternative forms of healing- many people want to share this gift with others. Our top Certified Quantum-Touch Instructors make over 5 figures while helping people to transform their lives.
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