Which Sprouts Received More Love?

Richard talks of our love having value and impact - well, it's good sometimes to actually see that impact. It helps to understand it's really true!

I've done an experiment with wheat seeds. I picked out 25 for each tub, used one as the 'control' and left it to sprout unaided. In both tubs the seeds were covered with water, I rinsed them both once then left them. The tub on the right in the picture is the one I sent love to. I said loving and appreciative words as I focused on the seeds; I tried to feel as much love for them as I could. I only did that for about 15 to 20 seconds, once or twice a day.

After 24 hours both sets of seeds were starting to sprout, but then the ones I was ignoring carried on sprouting while the 'loved' seeds seemed to stop! I wasn't expecting that. I kept on loving them anyway, and after two days they started sprouting quicker than the others. It became more obvious as time went by, by about the fourth day the root system of the 'loved' seeds was much stronger and more vigorous-looking than the control group. They also seemed to be connecting with each other almost like the roots were reaching out to each other, but that may be because the way the seeds were more evenly spread round the tub. Also the loved seeds have 12 sprouts, the control group only 9. It's great to see them there in my kitchen, reminding me of the power of love each time I look at them! Now of course I really do love the loved seeds more, because they've responded to me... that's the wonderful cycle that builds up as you apply Love to your life! The response brings more love and it goes round and round, building all the time. Without the inspiration of my seeds, I don't think I'd have thought of using intention on my latest shopping trip with such great results, either!

It's such an easy thing to do, why not try sprouting some seeds and see it for yourself? I believe we need to see these things clearly in order to take in the reality of our power to affect the world by our feelings and intentions. I'll use my seeds next time I do a QT session as inspiration for the 'what you love most' technique!

My next experiment is with fenugreek seeds; they're soaking in the kitchen right now! That should be even better, I'm trying to get the clearest possible results so this time I'm going to use one tub, cover the bottom with seeds, then send only to the seeds on the right of an imaginary line through the centre.

Love is always the answer!

creativejani, U.K.

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