How Vibrational Medicine Works to Promote Healing

Ever since I discovered the power of energy healing, I have been on the lookout for books that explain how it works. While Quantum-Touch provides superb and effective techniques for using energy to heal ourselves and others, I wanted to know more specifically how this energy stimulates the body to heal itself.

So when Ivibrational medicine found a book called Vibrational Medicine”The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, M.D., I knew I had finally found something with answers to my questions. This book explores the etheric body and pulls together research studies with scientific evidence to substantiate the existence of an extended subtle-energy anatomy (p. 23).

Dr. Gerber shows how we are beings of energy and then he goes on to explain in detail just how we are made of energy. He postulates that vibrational medicine works by using specialized forms of energy to rebalance specific energy fields that help to regulate cellular physiology.

In Quantum-Touch, we teach that the body uses life-force energy to keep itself balanced and functioning at its optimum level. Practitioners learn how to augment their clients life-force energy, which is also affected by emotions and spiritual balance with a generous sprinkling of nutritional and environmental factors.

Dr. Gerber does not advocate doing away with all drugs and surgeryvibrational medicine, but instead proposes that alternative therapies can greatly augment existing medical technology. He begins his book by exploring what makes up the etheric body and then he dives into particle physics to explain how the body converts matter into energy and why it should be possible to convert energy into matter. He further postulates that, at a microcosmic level, all matter is simply frozen light making up highly complex, infinitely orchestrated energy fields (p. 59).

When we practice Quantum-Touch, we focus our energy on specific parts of the body. Dr. Gerber postulates that there is evidence that we can selectively tune our brain/mind transmitter or receiver to specific frequency bands of energetic output and I would Dr.Gerberlike to extend this thought by proposing that we are using our intent to serve as the frequency modulator, much like the dial on a radio.

At the end of Chapter I, Dr. Gerber states that, Vibrational medical approaches will ultimately be proven effective because they are able to positively influence the human bodys subtle energetic pathways. These pathways include the acupuncture meridian system, the chakras and the etheric body (p, 68).

The book reads like a textbook, but for anyone who is interested in the mechanics of how Quantum-Touch energy works, it can be a valuable addition to their healing library.

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