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Do you have a natural draw towards helping others? If so, you might be interested to learn that a broad range of training is available throughout the world in natural healing courses. Natural healing courses are worth considering as an alternative to pursuing a full medical degree or university level health qualification. There are numerous ways to foster your natural healing abilities without having to invest years in study. Quantum-Touch is among one of the most effective natural healing courses for cultivating your compassion and empathy towards others, and expressing these qualities in a proactive way.

You might be surprised to learn that something as simple as a smile, a hug, or even a kind word, have the power to heal. Quantum-Touch is an alternative health modality based on a simple tenet: 'Your love is powerful'. Natural healing courses such as Quantum-Touch teach us to remember the simple, yet powerful, impact of our intention towards others - whether that intention is hostile and aggressive, or compassionate and loving. You will find that by taking a Quantum-Touch Level I workshop, you will gain the skills required to apply simple, effective techniques to accelerate healing and gain a deeper understanding of how your intentions impact upon others.

Quantum-Touch teaches participants to:

  • Cultivate the healing power of their love
  • Understand the health benefits of life-force energy
  • Learn to facilitate pain reduction and deep relaxation
  • Gain an understanding of the body's natural healing ability
  • Learn that we each have natural healing ability, and that this ability naturally arises from within     the heart, not necessarily from years of academic study

Unlike complex training degrees, the Quantum-Touch Level I training is facilitated over just one weekend, teaching us the simple (yet often undervalued) power of love and life-force energy in facilitating the healing process. If you believe that you are naturally empathic and compassionate towards others, you might find that Quantum-Touch is the ideal place to start in cultivating these qualities in a proactive and practical way.

Alexander De Foe, Quantum-Touch Instructor

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