Tourmaline # 1

One of the great things about QT is that you can continue to make new discoveries for years and years. About four years ago, I was examining a large inexpensive tourmaline with a 10-x loop. I carefully studied it in the sun, but found no color features except for its extremely dark uniform green color.

Each day I ran energy into the tourmaline with great intensity and focus, and would go outside and study it. Soon I started to notice thousands of small specks of color. There were many colors and over time, they shifted and became glassy and eventually gemlike in appearance. This was unfortunately before I bought a digital camera, so I don’ t have a " before" picture. Then again at that time, I never have imagined what would happen to that tourmaline. Over the course of about 9 months and lots of energy work, the tourmaline became extraordinary and gem like. Picture one is of that stone today. I could probably take 50 pictures of this crystal to show many of its interesting color features. (BTW, I read on a website, that tourmalines very rarely change color.)

Tourmaline #2

I had some success on a second rough tourmaline. This one was smaller and also a very dark green, but this one had broken edges. Amazingly, the broken edges responded most profoundly to the “ healing” as you can see in the bright green area in picture 2). Later I tried this on 3 black tourmalines that had smooth edges, and none of them responded in a way I could see. So far, only very dark green (almost black) tourmalines have shown change, and the broken areas shifted first.

Werner Heisenberg has said that the observer changes the observed. I like to believe concentrated observation has a concentrated effect. Turning an opaque stone to a gem makes it hard for me to doubt this.

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