Re-defining Miracles with Hands On Healing

I started a Quantum-Touch Hands on Healing Circle group in Victoria about a year and a half ago with one of the objectives being that it would be a place where persons who had been a student in any QT Level I workshop could practice their skills, receive feedback from others, and receive energy as well. Within weeks of the Healing Circle starting, I started to receive requests from non- experienced QT people to attend the HC, as did other HC participants. I explained that the HC is for persons who have some QT training, and that it is not a venue for QT to be taught. However, the HC soon became an event where one of us HC "members" could invite a "guest', who would receive a free group healing session. We have a invited "guest" for virtually every HC. The healing experiences were often so powerful and incredible (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healings occurring) that we kind of got tired of using the word miracles. So, one of our members coined the word "normacles", which has become the word of choice for us. It is very rare for something "out of this world" to not occur at a Healing Circle!!

Submitted by Randy Zonnis,

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