Alternative Healing - QT Level I & Migraines

Migraines:Those nasty headaches that drive a body to the darkest, quietest space to sit and attempt to stop the excruciating throbbing.  I have an aunt who suffers from these migraines and it would send her to bed or sometimes the emergency room looking for relief.

In 2007, I took my very first Quantum-Touch Level I  class.  I was thoroughly amazed, yet with my skeptical nature, slightly less optimistic. But it was Mothers Day and I was taking my Aunt Patty and my daughter to Great America to celebrate. We arrived at Aunt Pattys and she wasnt looking up to her normal energized self.  I asked what was going on and she mentioned she had a headache (yeah, she downplayed it COMPLETELY).  I said, You know, I just took this alternative healing/energy class.  Why dont I work on you for a little bit and see what happens?  It cant hurt!

She agreed.  We laid her on her bed upstairs in a quiet room with her head at the side so Id have room to place my hands on her temples.  I asked if my hands were in the places she felt the most pain and she said yes .  I also asked what the pain level was on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being take me to the hospital, I want drugs NOW .  She said she really was at a 10 and the only reason she was suffering through was because it was such an important day.  (I love my Aunt Patty).

I told her to let me know when the pain eases, changes or moves so I can adjust accordingly.

We quietly worked for about 10 maybe 15 minutes.  I noticed her breathing had evened out and was smoother and deeper, her eyelids werent fluttering as much and that her body had relaxed into the work.  I asked How are you doing Aunt Patty? and she said Better! Its down to about a 3 or 4 now!

OK, lets see if we can get it down to a 2 or 3.   I worked with her for maybe five more minutes and checked in again.  Her response was Yes, its down to a 2 now .   All righty, lets go play!   So off we went to play at an amusement park and boy did we play!   Roller coasters, junk food, whirly rides, heat and walking what felt like miles!  We kept it up from 10am until 5:00 then drove an hour home.

We made dinner, relaxed and got my daughter bathed and to bed.  Around 9:30, I looked at Patty and asked how she was doing.  She said fine , but then I asked and hows the headache?   Well, thats back up to maybe a 6 or 7 was her response.  How about we work on you for another 15 or 20 minutes?  Are you up to it?   Sure. she said.  So off we went to her bedroom again positioning ourselves much as we had earlier that day.

The energy seemed to flow more freely this time.  Maybe I felt more confident, maybe she felt more comfortable, maybe it was stored up from earlier.  So many maybes to choose from and maybe Im simply remembering it as easier.  Any way it happened, it simply worked.  The breathing, the focus, the relaxing of both our bodies.  By the time the session was done fifteen minutes later, the pain level was down to a one.  As a massage therapist, I have found that once the pain level is down to a one and sometimes two, it tends to release the rest of the way on its own over the next 24 hours.  I had hoped it would be true for the energy work as well and so I trusted.

Monday morning, my daughter and I were packed up in the car and ready to head the four hours back to Bakersfield.  We said our good byes, hugged and one last check on Pattys headache revealed a zero level.  No meds, no ER, no reclusive behavior -- Quantum-Touch had done its job and I was giddy all the way home.

Lets fast forward to 2012.  Ive checked in with Aunt Patty on numerous occasions and asked about her headaches.  Since working on her in 2007, shes had a few headaches, but none that have put her back to the emergency room and none that ever went over the level of 6 on a pain scale.  When I catch her with a headache and we work, were able to lower the intensity to a 1 or 2 EVERY TIME and most often a ZERO!

Migraines hurt, theres no question about that.  My success with Aunt Patty has encouraged me to use alternative healing with other migraine sufferers with quite a bit of success.  The pain level has always lessened to a three or less and most often to a one or zero.  With each client, when they look at me with gratitude, I tell them theyve done a great job and I explain that Im simply the facilitator and theyre doing the real work.  I thank them for the privilege and ask them to keep me posted about their headaches.

Submitted by:

Regina Nathan, CMT,
Quantum-Touch Level I Instructor
Bakersfield, CA, USA

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