Alternative Healing with Quantum-Touch

I took Level I QT in July this year and have been practicing a little since then along with my other work.

Yesterday I took a spill on some metal steps that gouged both shins - the left needing 4 stitches and right needing 2. The kind NP at the emergency room lovingly explained that they would get worse before getting better - more bruising, more swelling, and that today I would wake very stiff and sore and would most likely need painkillers through the day.

I had done about 30 minutes of QT on myself while waiting for the procedure, and a few minutes afterward. Yeah, they were sore last night.

But today I woke up with absolutely no greater bruising or swelling (in fact they're a bit better) and in absolutely no pain.

When I tried to bandage them according to her instructions, THAT hurt, so I didn't do that! Band-aids are working fine :)

A few weeks ago I heard an interview with a woman who had broken her wrist, but she felt fine about it and knew it would heal well. Then channeled info told her that it had happened (she manifested it) in order to see how fast she could heal. While we don't want to do this to ourselves, that story is now resonating with me. I admit I'm quite impressed in experiencing the power of alternative healing first-hand :)

Thanks so much for all you do.

Mary Kinneavy
Quantum-Touch Enthusiast

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