Alternative Healing: Your Love Is All You Need

On the second day of a recent Quantum-Touch Level I workshop, I asked my students to comment on what had impressed them during the previous day. One of them said that the instruction I had given, Always remember that your love is enough, really made an impact on her. She found the concept that her love was good enough to carry healing energy to other people to be enormously empowering.

I think we all tend to downplay the power of our love to positively influence the world around us. All our lives we have been taught”and, unfortunately, learned on our own”that we need to guard our love and only offer it to worthy people, pets, ideals, foods, etc., with the list being virtually endless. Somehow there was something wrong with opening ourselves up to love everything and we could be hurt if we dared to do it.

I teach my students that, since the heart chakra emits a powerful energy field we can use for alternative healing on our family, friends, pets, plants and even our planet, it is important to recognize that there are two types of love available to us”conditional and unconditional love.

With conditional love, we have an external focus for people and things outside of ourselves. This kind of love is usually fulfilling but it also carries vulnerability since it requires constant validation by someone or something whether they are people, pets, or even objects such as food. Conditional love, therefore, opens us up to being disappointed and hurt if it is withheld from us or we lose our faith in it. The highs can be very high, but the lows can be among the worst moments of our lives.

When our heart chakra love is projected outward with no particular focus, as it is when we do Quantum-Touch Level II work or we are expressing our love for our Deity, it does so as unconditional love, producing a high-energy flow of self-assurance and self-acceptance. It is the blissful feeling we get when we think about the thing we love most as we are taught to do in the Quantum-Touch Level I workshop. The feeling this kind of love gives to us encourages us to project our feeling of unity and harmony with all creation to others whether they are animal, vegetable or mineral.

Since it has such a high vibration, unconditional love is the vehicle that carries healing energy to other people and living things, extending even to our planet. Everyone has this incredible power to project love within them and it can accomplish amazing things. All we have to do is learn to focus it by using our intent and Quantum-Touch breathing techniques to witness loves healing effect on others.

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