Self Created Health Leads To Opening Of Emotions

Recently I was reading a testimonial from Artis Sophia Salemo and her experience with Self Created Health.(small excerpt below) I was so moved by her testimonial that I decided to interview her today and share her interview with you!

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Hi Richard,

I completed the Self Created Health tele-seminar recently (May, 2012).  It has had a profound effect on my life.  I will share the ending and then the process.  The first most immediate result was the improvement in my posture. I am finding myself standing taller and straighter without effort.  The other result has been an opening to my emotions.  I am no longer repressing my emotions but am sharing them openly and honestly.

Previous to this workshop my husband and I had agreed to tell microscopic truth.  We have always worked to have a conscious relationship.  My opening to my emotions has enabled us to go much deeper.  I am not saying that this was instantaneous or easy.  It has required each of us to do soul searching and deepen our communication skills.  I am still a work in process and I will continue to use Self Created Health as I go.  It is an incredible process that has been liberating for me.

My spiritual growth has been wonderful.  Often after spiritual/personal growth I find myself experiencing my body and cells vibrating along with leg and body jerking.  In the past I would become overwhelmed by this and stop my meditating.  This time I decided to stay with it and experience it fully.  With my husband by my side, I spent 2 hours feeling the vibrating and jerking.  It finally calmed and has not come back in the same way.  I still feel the vibration but now it feels like a good thing now.

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