Energy Healing Helps Reduce Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

It was in 2005 that I made the leap from being a graphic designer to being fully immersed in the world of energy healing”and I have Quantum Touch to thank for that. At that time, I was looking for something that would help my father with his Parkinsons disease symptoms. I typed the word healing into Google, and as you can imagine hundreds of search results came up. I spent an entire day trawling through them, looking at some very interesting healing therapies and also some very odd ones. Although I lean more towards spirituality than science, I also have a foot in both worlds and so I was not about to invest my time and money in something that didnt make logical sense to me. One of the first websites that really stood out for me was about Quantum Touch, a hands-on energy healing modality that was described as using specific breathing and meditative techniques to create an extraordinarily high field of energy around any area that is out of balance. After reading literally hundreds of global testimonials about both the simplicity of the method and the powerful effects of Quantum Touch, I booked myself onto a workshop the next day.

Although I was raised in a very spiritual and open-minded household, attending my first Louise Hay workshop at age 12, I had no previous healing experience and went into the Quantum Touch workshop with absolutely no idea of what to expect. Over the two days, I learned the techniques, and although I didnt feel much energetically at the time, I decided to give the method the benefit of the doubt and so started working on my father straight after the workshop. One of the symptoms of Parkinsons disease is that the person can find himself stooped over and unable to sit or stand straight.  After an hour of giving my father Quantum Touch, his posture began to straighten and the color came back into his face. My mother and I looked on in amazement. I continued to work on him intensively for a few months, and his symptoms began to significantly lessen and become much more subtle. That was six years ago, and today, at age 86, he still has the effects of what can come with age but Parkinsons is only present in a very mild way compared to what it should be by now. My fathers physical quality of life over the years has been dramatically improved and sustained due to Quantum-Touch.

This was my introduction into Quantum Touch, and my success with my father quickly made learning more about energy healing and metaphysics my priority and passion. Having studied many different types of healing since then for comparative purposes, I have always returned to Quantum Touch simply because I am very results driven and Quantum Touch has the ability to produce incredible healings, above and beyond what I have seen and experienced elsewhere with other modalities. After becoming a Quantum Touch practitioner and having seen so many easy and powerful healings, I decided that everyone should have access to this skill and I became a Level 1instructor and subsequently the advanced Level II and SCH instructor for the UK. It is a privilege to teach these cutting edge healing systems over here and I absolutely love sharing such life changing techniques.

Karina Grant is a Quantum Touch practitioner and is the official UK advanced instructor for Level II and SCH.
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