Overcoming Fear of Flying with Quantum-Touch 2

Two weeks ago, I participated in the Quantum-Touch II workshop from Yolande and Linda.  On the last day, when we were all sharing talents, we could request a gift

I asked to replace my fear of high speed, whenever I was out horseback riding, and give me full pleasure from the feeling of flying. (My first horse has been taking off with me for 10 years, without a possibility of a brake system.My new mare, is wonderful, and even faster, and she does have a brake system. I do not want to imprint my fears upon her, so, I have withheld her from flying.)

The whole group worked on me for 3 minutes.I could really see myself on my beautiful mare, racing through the dunes, and enjoying it.It made me cry.

Ten days later, out of the blue, I decided whilst riding, this was the time to do it
I let her go fly
She went so fast, it was breathtaking
I was laughing
I loved it
I enjoyed it

She came back to slow speed, as soon I asked her

It was a beautiful experience.

Monique Verhaar
Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor

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