Solar Events Discovery Day For UK Most Popular Energy Therapies

On Sunday 7th October Solar Events put on a Discovery Day in London for an auditorium full with over 150 people all wanting to further their careers and personal lives with the most cutting edge therapies available in the UK today. Solar Events promote some of the most well known holistic speakers in this field including Art Giser, Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler (founder of NLP), so I am thrilled to have been invited to be part of their world class team!

Each speaker held the stage for an hour and included demonstrations and examples of how each Energy therapy can be used effectively for clients and loved ones.

The energy therapies represented by Advanced Trainers included TFT, Theta healing, Access Consciousness, Energetic NLP and of course¦Quantum-Touch!

It was really insightful to hear the other speakers and see what others are doing in the world of energy healing and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a high energy day.

It was even more exciting to hear from the organizers that Quantum-Touch was received with a huge amount of interest and popularity amongst the audience. So much so that after seeing the stage demonstration many of them signed up for all 3 workshops there and then!

I was approached by physiotherapists, care support workers, teachers, nutritionists and people from varying backgrounds who were all very excited to begin their journey with Quantum-Touch. I am so thrilled to be representing and teaching such an easily learnable and powerful modality!

Karina Grant
Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor

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