Using Energy Healing To Make Food Taste Better

I had a fun experience in one of my recent Quantum-Touch classes.

In my last class we took strawberries, cut them in half and each of us ran energy healing into one side. We set intentions of sweetening and having the strawberry reach its highest essence. We could each see the juices rising to the top and the color started turning deep red. The results were amazing!

We also took herbal tea and poured it into 3 different cups. The first was left as is. We added sweetened to the second. For the third we sent energy healing, we had it be its highest and best essence. It was different than I had taught before. Rather than just "running" healing energy into juice, adding the "intention" made a huge difference. We changed matter!

It was so amazing and incredible. It was a "normical" as Richard says, rather than a miracle because we see so many wonderful things happen as we further this beautiful view on life.


Krismas Adams
*Certified Quantum-Touch & Self Created Health Instructor & Practitioner
*Certified Hypnotherapist - Graduate of the respected HMI  
(The First Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy.)


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