Life-Force Energy, the Power To Heal

To date, we have found no limits to the power of Life-Force Energy and people try it on everything.  The outcome for each individual can never be predicted, but we do know that each body has its own power to heal itself and that Quantum-Touch can assist in accelerating the healing process.

The Life-Force Energy is intelligent and often works in ways that surprise us. For example, you may be working on the eyes, yet an ear infection clears up.  The body directs the healing and not our desire, intention or ego.  You (as the person running energy) provide a resonance to assist the other persons body in healing itself.

Some people find that their medication dosage needs to be changed after energy work.  If you or someone you are working with is taking medication, please keep in contact with healthcare providers to monitor healthcare needs.  Quantum-Touch has no known adverse effects and we feel it is limitless.

As we are not healers we do not use terms such as cure and we never diagnose.  With energy healing, it is entirely up to the persons body to heal itself.

Our home office does not independently track the many things that people use the power of Life-Force Energy for. We encourage you to become a part of our community!

Post your questions, stories and healing requests on our Facebook group page!

We do feel that Quantum-Touch can have a healthy and positive effect on many conditions and results will vary per person as their own body responds to the Life- Force Energy.

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