Quantum-Touch 2.0 Demonstrated!

Learning Level 2 concepts has given my demonstrations and Quantum-Touch practice a real boost. I now routinely adjust clients' sphenoid bones in treatment sessions and I adjust the sphenoid bones of whole groups of people when I give demonstrations.

I was recently at a body-mind-spirit meet-up hosted by a psychic medium that can see energy clearly. After showing each of the 30+ people how different their left arm reacted to pressure vs. their right arm, I stood in front of them and sent energy into my 10th chakra.

In only a few moments, I began the left to right rotation that I always experience when doing this particular adjustment. It begins by pulling me to the left and then, as the energy connects with my client or audience, the energy pulls me to the right, then back to the left and so on until I slow to a stop.

The interesting thing that happened at the meet-up was that my host could see a column of light come through my 7th chakra and then fan out like a lighthouse beacon across the whole audience. Each of my rotations would scan the audience with this light until I closed the connection. I then went around the room testing each person's left arm and they were all amazed at how much stronger it was. Many of them also noted that they had felt their jaws shift and others felt cracking sensations at the base of their skulls.

Betsy Lambert
Austin, TX, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

New Concepts

During the Quantum-Touch level 2 weekend, I learned several new techniques and got some new insights about the healing process, in general. Since I am a healer for many years, this was an expansion and it was interesting, but there was nothing really new for me.

I had one experience, though, which I like to share and which I have never forgotten, since. It has enhanced my power as a healer.  Right at the beginning, Richard Gordon demonstrated profoundly how to open our hearts consciously for love. The results in his demonstrations were visible. Not that I havent done it before, but after the class I did it more consciously, more powerfully, because he said, there is no limitation in God's love. This struck me and my dedication to God's love has grown, as well as my ability to surrender my healing work into God's hands.

Thank you,

2.0: The New Human

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