Pondering Quantum-Touch Principles: The Rainmaker

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I read a great book over the December period, Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu. The following short story is offered in the introduction. Every chapter is built around this remarkable tale. I wanted to share this with you because there are many deep insights to be found, and it ties in particularly well with the Quantum-Touch principles.

Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud’s premier student in the field of psychoanalysis, often spoke of the power of miracles by telling the following story:

There was a village that had been experiencing drought for five consecutive years. Many famous Rainmakers had been called, but they had all failed to make rain. In the villagers’ last attempt, they called upon a renowned Rainmaker from afar. When he arrived in the village, he set up his tent and disappeared inside it for four days. On the fifth day, the rain started to fall and quenched the thirst of the parched earth. The people of the village ask the Rainmaker how he had accomplished such a miracle. The Rainmaker replied, “I have done nothing.”

Astounded at his explanation, the villagers said, “How can that be? After you arrived, four days later the rain started.”

The Rainmaker explained, “When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that everything in your village was out of harmony with heaven. So I spent four days putting myself into harmony with the Divine. Then the rains came.”

I wonder what your thoughts are? I pondered this story for hours and became more and more excited as I thought about the consequences.

The first thought that came up for me was the quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I have so often wondered about those words. How do I, little me, just one person, start making a change in the world? How can what I do or say, possibly make a difference?

I’m an avid reader and have come across the most wonderful books that all have the same message: we are powerful beings, creating our lives as we're going along. Gregg Braden, in his newest book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, makes the point that the Universe seems to be like a giant computer program. He cites scientific studies wherein scientists deliver complex mathematical computations to prove that we live in a type of virtual reality. In other words, like we’ve heard so often before in spiritual teachings: everything is a mirror. There is no “out there.” There is only “in here.“ According to “in here,” according to my beliefs and how I am “being,” my reality is created. This fits in so well for me with the Quantum-Touch principles. As practitioners, we raise our own vibrations and therefore become the health the client desires. We need not think of how to change a client's body; how to affect their organs, bones or skin.

The only thing I need to focus on as a practitioner, is “being” the best person I can possibly be, the most loving and offering the highest vibration possible for the client to entrain to.

Like the Rainmaker, I need only bring myself into alignment with “heaven“ - higher frequencies where love, health and exceptional wellness exist. Things around me entrain to this frequency. I don’t need to consciously “will” anything to change. It's not up to me anyway, to know as an absolute truth whether a client should get well or not. All I can do is work on me; my own vibration of love. The rest follows without my effort or conscious willpower.

This is not only true for Quantum-Touch but for everything in our lives. Have you noticed how much better people treat you when you treat them in a loving, kind way? Have you noticed how things just work better if you stay calm and peaceful, no matter what? Have you noticed how kindness attracts more kindness?

Where in your life can you apply the Rainmaker’s philosophy of bringing yourself into harmony with the Divine (whatever that might mean for you)?

Liesel Teversham

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