Migraine Disappears with Quantum-Touch

So Sunday I was at my in-laws house just relaxing, waiting for the food to arrive (like you do), when my brother-in-law comes in. He and his family had flown in the day before from the West coast, and had been driving around all day in Chicago, pretending to be tourists. He walked in with the food, but I could see by the look on his face that something was not right. He looked either pissed or in pain. A few minutes later, I noticed he had disappeared, and ask my sister-in-law where he was. Come to find out that he was hiding in one of the bedrooms with a massive headache. (well we can't have that, can we?) I tell her to ask if there is anything I can do to help him. He relents and says "anything" . I clapped my hands together, 'cause I am going in!

I entered to find the room pitch black and a vague form lying on the bed (once my eyes adjusted a bit, of course). After talking for a moment or two, I find out that he had a classic migrane going on. Pain is pulsing/throbbing behind the left eye, he was very sensitive to light, talking hurts, even nausea kicking in. He said this was the worst one he had ever had, and he gets them twice a month for the past couple of years. He rated it as a 8.5 on a 10 scale, which for him meant the pain is enough to fell a horse. So I hop onto the bed with him and get to work, with QT.

Normally I would go with massage (what I really know), but I felt compelled to try QT. As I worked, I could feel the energy in my hands slowly building up, the tingle. I don't remember seeing anything in particular. Throughout, the pain was staying focused behind the left eye. After about 10 minutes of gently breathing and holding his head with the left eye covered, he reported that his pain was going down in a noticeable fashion, he said to a 5, and that the nausea was disappearing. Progress! So I kept at it, occasionally adjusting my hand position to what felt right at the moment. 10 minutes more, and he reported further improvement, down now to a 3, though it seemed to have plateaued (the improvement, that is). Well we could not stand for that, could we troops? (required response: NO!)

So that meant it was time to kick the breathing up a notch, throwing in faster and harder sloped breaths for a bit to stoke the fire. I also increased things by doing more vortexing. After 3-5 minutes of that, I checked in and he reported that the pain at that time was completely gone. 0. Very nice. I worked for a few more minutes, to solidify our gains, and let him know that the process would continue to work for a while afterwards. He chose to stay in the room for a few minutes more, to relax. So off I went.

He came out of the room 15 minutes later with a smile on his face and a bright look in his eyes. He then stated to everyone "I think I am just going to start referring to John as 'The Miracle Worker.'" The pain was gone, the nausea was gone, the sensitivity to light, everything, gone. Gone gone gone.

When I left 2 hours later, he was still doing just fine. No sign of the migrane.

Good Times.

(now if I can only get another brother-in-law, an eternal complainer and skeptic, to give it a try...)

John Magruder, Chicago, IL

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