Acupuncture and Quantum-Touch

acupunctureFor thousands of years, people of the world have been using acupuncture and herbs to keep themselves healthy and to restore health and wellbeing when needed. When an imbalance occurs in the body or mind, the acupuncturist makes a differential diagnosis to determine the origin of the imbalance. The acupuncturist then selects acupoints on one or more of the twelve primary meridians and/or eight extra meridians to bring the body/mind back into balance. The points selected will cause a movement of blood and qi in organs or organ networks affected by the points.

Acupuncture sees the body as dynamic system, a network of interacting energies. As long as the flow and distribution of this energy is balanced, we remain healthy. But any interruption of this balanced flow, including stagnation or depletion, leads to disease. Because the body is seen as self-healing, acupuncture, as a system of medicine, facilitates the natural healing processes of the body to return to a balanced state. We, as practitioners of acupuncture, direct or re-direct the flow of energy to the organ(s) or within the channels as determined by our diagnosis and point selection. We also select herbal formulas that do the same thing, and in many cases, do it better than acupuncture alone. The acupuncturist and herbalist must be trained to make correct differential diagnoses, and to select and locate the appropriate points to cause the body to return to a state of balance.

Quantum-Touch on the other hand, requires no differential diagnosis, nor does it require detailed selection of locations to place your hands to do the work. The client will say where it hurts and the practitioner places his/her hands there. If this really isn't the appropriate location to place the hands that's OK; the body directs the energy to where it is needed. So, rather than the practitioner directing the energy to a specific organ or channel, the body will direct the energy to where it will do the most good.

Intention plays a key role in both modalities. However, in Quantum-Touch we are taught that real healing energy comes from the sharing of love. When you add the component of love to your feeling and intention of Quantum-Touch you create a powerful river of healing energy that has no equal. Healing power beyond your imagination flows through your body and the results can be astounding. Results can occur more quickly and be much more profound than with acupuncture.

I think the real key is touch. We palpate the body in acupuncture but with Quantum-Touch you are in continuous physical contact with the client. That continuous touch allows for a continuous flow of universal energy wrapped in love to permeate the client's body, flowing to all areas where the healing energy is needed. Your intent and the amount of love you are willing to put into the work create the vibration that the client will entrain too. The techniques of Quantum-Touch are simple to learn, but miracles happen when you come to believe that you can make a difference with your intention and love. With acupuncture your intention and love enter the client's body with the insertion of each needle. With Quantum-Touch your intention and love enter the client's body continually throughout the session, as long as you create and hold your vibration at a very high level. The true potential of Quantum-Touch is limited solely by the practitioner's commitment to the work.

John Kennedy 

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