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Before today, I could say my youngest Quantum-Touch student was seven years old. Now, a two-day old baby holds that position. The baby's parents asked me to check their new baby. After working with him for a few minutes, I noticed he held his head turned to the left.  His neck felt tighter on the right, extending to the upper shoulder.  Mom verified my concern when she said he preferred one breast to the other. I began using craniosacral techniques to help his system unwind and release his unilateral holding.

Craniosacral alone felt only mildly effective. So, I began offering Quantum-Touch. Immediately, I felt his body begin to balance and realign.  Impressive. What a remarkable difference between pure craniosacral work and craniosacral work with Quantum-Touch!

Then I spanned his occiput with my hands and began the fire breath, which is a basic Quantum-Touch breathing technique. His occiput and entire cranium shifted and soon his head naturally turned on its own to a straighter position.  However, his occipital and parietal bones at the back of his head were still significantly overlapped.

In addition to the structural misalignments, I also noticed he was very easily startled. Even noises in the distance made him jump. Although he was sleeping, he slept shallowly and kept stirring with minor activity inside and outside of the room. I was not finding it as easy to help him drop in deeper, as it is for many babies.

So, I invited mom to help. I moved, so baby and I were next to her on the bed. He loved being near her. What a mystery to see how a baby knows mom above all others. It was like he could smell her and sense that she was near. This alone calmed him.

With mom snuggled in so that the three of us huddled close together, I continued fire breathing. His occiput was widening, his upper neck realigned and he then began what I call retracing the birth canal. I see this often; a baby begins making full body motions in the direction traveled while going through the birth canal. I told mom this was happening. She obviously was engaged and fascinated.

His full body undulated slowly and gently, while I continued fire breathing. Within a couple of minutes, I noticed he was doing the exact same breathing pattern. His cadence and tone matched mine perfectly. I kept watching this for a while before mentioning it to mom.  She had noted it also. This was amazing! I have seen a nine-day-old join me and do fire breath, but this little guy was only two-days old.

I stopped doing the fire breath to see what he would do. He continued this breath pattern on his own for several minutes. Mom and I kept looking at each other in awe.

What amazed me equally was I could feel he directed his breath into the occipital area of the head. This region kept expanding and balancing, adjusting and aligning. I noticed he no longer reacted to sounds. Mom mentioned how happy and calm he looked. I was grateful to see him finally able to sleep deeper and release the agitation from his system.

To have a two-day-old learn fire breathing and directing energy into a particular area blows my mind! I often say to moms that babies learn to breathe from the mother. Yet, he was doing Quantum-Touch and had learning it so quickly.

We always say in Quantum-Touch that this modality is so easy to learn that even children can do so quickly. Now we can say, even babies can learn it!

Kim Luchau
Kilauea, Hawaii, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1, Level 2, Self Created Health Instructor
Level 1 Instructor Trainer


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