A Quantum-Touch Home

Mother and daughter (Bonnie and Gabby) recently took a Quantum-Touch Level 1 class and have had some fun with it.  Here are a couple of stories they shared with me. May you find them as wonderful as I did!

Stories by Bonnie and Gabby:

I was making Gabby some spaghetti. I grabbed the pot to drain the water out, forgetting that it had metal handles. It was very hot! Duh. I burned my middle finger tip and it hurt a lot. I grabbed an ice cube, and finished getting her dinner ready. When I brought it to her, I complained about my clumsy “owie” and she said, "Oh poor Mommy!" She grabbed my hand and kissed my finger. I asked her if she would run some energy for me and so she smiled and held on to my finger for a minute then said, "Can I let go now?" I thanked her and went back to the kitchen to clean up and noticed that my pain was gone! 

I have burned myself many times in the kitchen and know what it feels like when it is going to turn into a visible burn and last a while. This one really felt like that. I was sure before Gabby worked on it that would be very red and painful for a while and possibly even blister. This morning, it looks like any other happy finger. If I push on it, I feel a tiny bit of pain but that's it. Amazing! Her energy feels all light and happy, she is wonderful!

This morning, I sat down to brush Gabby's hair and noticed there were some really big knots that were close to her head. I warned her that it would probably be a painful brushing.

It occurred to me that I could try to make the situation better with my mind, and some energy. So, I started brushing and while I was doing it I was just imagining the knots just unraveling painlessly and they came right out! No crying, hardly any wincing, there was still a little pulling but only when I lost my concentration. It was so neat, a little miracle. It was cool to be able to share that with Gabby as an example of how amazing we are.

Alita Tahimic
Rose Hill, Kansas, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor


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