Include Quantum-Touch in Your "After-Sun" Care

We hear lots of stories about how we can use Quantum-Touch to help others heal, and as an experienced Level 1, 2 & Self Created Health Instructor, I am often surrounded by living examples of just how wonderful these techniques are. But sometimes the most meaningful stories are ones that happen to yourself. I had such an experience yesterday.

I live in Hawaii, and yesterday I decided to spend most of the day at the beach.  I lathered up with protective lotions but even with their help, I later discovered that I missed some areas: my eye lids, for example.  Also my shins and my toes. Although my eyes were swollen, puffy eyes were the least of my worries. Fiery sensations ran through my body, stinging me from head to toe.

So, I sat down and began Quantum-Touch Level 1 on my eye lids, shins and feet. Within seconds the stinging sensations went away. Soon after, what had felt fiery to my touch was now merely warm and pink. The reddish heat had turned into the beginnings of a soft cool tan. This was all using Level 1, and while the sunburn relief felt great, I knew I needed more. So I began to practice Level 2 techniques to support a new manifestation: healthy happy skin. I continued to run energy every few minutes over the next several hour

The red puffiness left my eye lids. My face and legs feel great.

As half of the people on this planet gear up for summer, I encourage you to include Quantum-Touch in your "after-sun" care. You might try running energy in your skin BEFORE and AFTER you are out in the sun, and feel free to use Levels 1 and 2 both. You'll be surprised at how quickly the swelling and heat can begin to reduce.


Henri Rand Furgiuele
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Certified Quatum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1, Level 2, Supercharging, Self-Created Health Instructor
Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Trainer


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