The Distance Healing Miracle

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This story is about Y.C.L, a friend of 30 years from Taiwan, who currently lives in France. Over the years, we have kept in touch and occasionally met-up and traveled together, even though we have been living in different parts of the world for more than 2 decades.
Recently, during a Facetime session, I realized that Y.C.L had been seriously injured and having trouble with her legs to the point of lameness. I convinced her to let me do a distance healing session for her.
Here is Y.C.L’s First Person Account of Events:
My husband was taken by ambulance to the emergency unit on April 19, 2019 and was kept in the hospital for treatment for three weeks.
I drove back and forth to the hospital every day and was stressed, worried and lacking sleep, which lead to my own accident three days before my husband was discharged on May 4th.
Our 3-meter-high indoor chimney was blocked and needed to be cleaned. This job, usually done by my husband, fell on me.
I was in trance-like state during the cleaning and suddenly missed my right step and fell to the ground, my backside hitting the cast iron stove of the fireplace. The force of impact hit me hard and three days later, my left butt cheek was still black and blue, and my tailbone extremely painful. My pain was at 9 out of 10.
I took some anti-inflammatory/ pain relief medicine and muscle relaxants. However, it did not work. It was so painful that I couldn’t lay flat, nor sit for too long. I felt like my pelvis almost dropped when I tried to rise from a chair; a little suction from this small movement caused extremely deep sting-pains on my coccyx. Even the gentlest touch to my backside caused pain, I didn’t dare massage it.
Julie called me on May 8th and asked how I was doing. I briefly mentioned my husband’s hospital-stay but did not talk about my fall, out of pride.
However, Julie paid attention to the details and observed that I was lame. I then told her the whole story.
Julie persuaded me to allow her to do a distance Quantum-Touch session on me, which she did on May 9th from Taiwan. (Taiwan and France are about 12,000 kilometers away.)
At first, I felt more pain on my coccyx and the muscle pulling was more severe than ever. The pain index increased to a 10, but Julie told me the various conditions that may happen and wanted me to maintain a positive attitude with patience and so on.
The third day after the healing session on May 11, a miracle happened! That morning, the pain from my tailbone dropped to 5. I didn’t feel sting-pains anymore when I lifted myself out of a chair, and the swelling and muscle-pulling feeling from my left butt-cheek also reduced to around 3-4. My pelvis felt kind of floaty and weightless, just like walking in the clouds.I did stretching exercises for my left leg and dared to massage my tailbone with my hands.
It’s unbelievable!

I told Julie the good news right away and she did another distance healing session for me to bring the pain down even further and lock in the results.

Julie is truly my guardian angel. So grateful! Thank you and thank you again!

Julie A. Wang (王世珍)
Cerritos, CA, United States
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1 Instructor


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