Recovering An Injured Sparrow


A week ago, I was sitting in my conservatory when I heard a loud thump on the window. Looking out I saw a sparrow on the ground on its stomach and not moving. After a short time it fell over on its side with its beak wide open.
I went outside and placed it on its tummy on our wooden bird table. I went back inside and watched looking through the glass. I started to run the Quantum-Touch energy and within a minute the bird started to move its head and then looked directly at me. I carried on running the energy with my intention to the bird and within 2 minutes, it flew off like a dart.
I knew that even if the bird was stunned it normally could not have recovered from shock that quickly. This all happened in less than 5 minutes and showed me that the life force energy and love is so fantastic!
This experience will stay with me for all my life. To think that 7 months ago I had not yet heard of Quantum-Touch and the amazing Richard Gordon. My outlook on life has changed for the better and I learn more each day from his books and online videos. Thanks Quantum-Touch family!

- Keith Mason


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