Too much of the time, health care specialists don't even lay hands on patients. In the past, physically touching and examining the patient imparted levels of healing that has recently been abandoned by modern medicine.

Laying of Hands

If hands are laid on a patient, it is usually just during the evaluation in the first visit or only when its deemed necessary. This is unfortunate. Whereas just a few decades ago massage and touch therapy was seen as a perfectly reasonable form of medical treatment, in recent years it has become something more akin to a luxury instead of being perceived as useful for healing.

A Shift in Western Medicine Philosophy

The odd thing is that research in Western medicine show that massage and touch therapy are highly beneficial for several medical conditions. All you need for proof is looking around at the rest of the civilized world that still considers touch therapy to be a critical part of medicine. Numerous studies have concluded that massage and healing touch therapies are vital for healing and improvement of muscle function and circulation as well as stress reduction.

Stress Relief

Modern medicine has proven definitively that stress has serious negative effects on the body. Time and time again, patients with stress, anxiety, or depression have a tendency toward negative health, much more so than those with a sense of calm, positivity, and balance. Research has shown touch therapies help lower stress. Put plainly, reducing stress has monumental benefits for patients and adds multiple other positive outcomes related to daily well-being. Professionals recommend that people stop thinking of healing touch and massage therapies as a simply a luxury. If whole body health is your goal, touch therapies are well worth it. If you would like to know more about healing touch therapy or are interested in learning about healing touch classes and healing touch therapy training, contact Quantum-Touch, Inc., for more info.