If you're unsure if bio-energy alternative medicine is right for you, here's what you need to know about the basics of it and how it's beneficial.

What Is Bio-Energy Therapy?

Bio-energy therapy revolves around the idea that the body flows with a lifeforce energy both within and without. These energies should flow continuously through the body's meridians, which are channels throughout the body. The meridians are regulated by seven main energy centers, or chakras. Since these energies are electrical in nature they create an electro-magnetic field, or aura around the body. Energy therapists help restore the balance of the energy by removing blockages or disturbances. These blockages can manifest as a number of physical or emotional problems. This treatment is preferred by many because it has some distinct benefits that other medical procedures can't boast of.


Alternative medicine energy therapies are completely non-invasive. In fact, some practitioners don't even ever need to touch the patient to perform the procedure. A blockage or presence of bad energy or disturbances in the energy are detected and hand movements are used to remove the disturbance and restore the flow of energy. The practitioner is merely the facilitator for helping the body heal itself.


Bio-energy therapy is also very versatile. It's used to help with temporary health problems like heartburn, injuries, sinus problems, and ulcers to more chronic conditions like migraines, digestive issues, and chronic back pain. It's successfully used to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy and to help with symptoms of all types of autoimmune diseases. It's also successful in treating emotional disorders like anxiety and depression.

Complimentary to Other Medicine

Bio-energy therapies can help alleviate, prevent, and cure many issues, but there are times when other medicine is necessary as well. Bio-energy is effective when used alongside Western medicine as well and can help speed recovery after necessary surgeries or alleviate symptoms during other types of medical treatments.