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Surprising Facts about Energy Healing


Are you skeptical about energy healing? Here are some facts to help you decide if it's right for you:

Never Invasive

One of the best aspects of energy healing is that it's not invasive! Many medical doctors take the Hippocratic Oath and one of the promises within that oath is "first, do no harm." With energy medicine, the practitioner only uses a light touch or can even work on their client at a distance. Because we're not using drugs, surgery, or even deep tissue work, it's not possible to cause harm to a client. Energy healing does not have any negative side effects or require any recovery time after a session. Most people look forward to their sessions with an energy healer and see it as a moment of Zen. 

Anyone Can Do It 

You don't need to wear a white robe, be a vegatarion, or constantly burn incense to do energy healing. Energy healing is an innate skill that all of us possess. Even a five-year old can learn how to do energy healing. Also, energy healing does not conflict with anyone's spirtual beliefs, whether you are a Christian, or a Budhist, or even if you are "spiritual but not religious."

Based on Scientific Evidence

Let's face it, many people believe that the energy healing field is "rife wth quackery." However, there is scientific evidence that energy medicine is helpful with certain conditions. For example, a 2008 Cochrane Review meta-analysis of “touch therapies” for pain relief included 24 studies and 1153 participants. Pain intensity was reduced, on average, by 0.83 units on a 1-10 scale in patients treated with touch therapy compared to control patients. (So PS, et al. Touch therapies for pain relief in adults (review). Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2008; Issue 4. Art. No.: CD006535. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD006535.pub2) More studies on holistic healing can be found at

Also, there is a research study on Quantum-Touch: Quantum-Touch Dramatically Reduces both Acute and Chronic Pain. In this clinical trial, 50 international practitioners collected data from 41 of their clients on the effectiveness of administering Quantum-Touch. The results showed an overall 67.4% reduction of reported pain after a Quantum-Touch session in subjects between the ages of 29-72 for both acute and chronic pain. Here is the link to the entire study.

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