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Moekiran Armand Amatali

Civil Engineer/Hydrologist, Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor



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Mr. Moekiran Armand Amatali, M.Sc. did his Bachelor of Science study in Civil Engineering at the University of Suriname and his Master of Science study in Hydrology at the International Post Graduate Hydrology Course, National University of Ireland, Galway. In Suriname he is one of the scarce specialists in the field of Water Resources. He is the first graduate in Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Suriname and he is also the first Surinamese Post Graduated in Hydrology. Now he is excited to be the first Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner in Suriname, since August 21, 2007 and the first Certified Instructor since April 2012 in this country.

Although he was a good student, throughout his study at the secondary school and at the university, he noticed that the success of a person does not only depend upon his professional knowledge. He became aware of that the success of a person depends for only 15% on his professional knowledge and 85% on his personality and other psychological abilities. Once he knew this, and although he studied engineering, his interest in applied psychology, parapsychology, spirituality and spiritual growth has increased.  

Throughout his spiritual journey Mr.Amatali participated in several courses and workshops in the field of personal growth, spirituality and healing, among others Neuro-Emotional Integration (NEI), Reiki I and Reiki II, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Chakra Healing, Focusing, Personal Growth, Feng Shui, Family/Organization Constellation, Aroma Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Quantum healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Dowsing, Pranic Healing, Past-Life/Reincarnation Regression Therapy, the Wonder Method, Mediumship, Angel Therapy, Two point one smile, Quantum Entrainment and the Compassion Key Healing method .  Frequently he applies these healing methods combined with Quantum-Touch®.

Once he noticed Quantum-Touch® in the net, his interest for this healing method has grown and he became aware of that this healing method is extremely powerful and can be combined with other healing methods.  To learn Quantum-Touch® healing, he organized in February 2007 the very first Quantum-Touch® activity in Suriname, namely the first interactive video workshop, since there were no instructors for this healing method available yet in his country and this healing method was still unknown there. In June 2007 he participated in the very first Quantum-Touch® basic live workshops in Suriname, offered by the Dutch instructors Gisela Blackman and Hans Schimmel. 

After the video workshop he immediately started with practicing Quantum-Touch® and having sessions with friends and also with clients who he never met before. Since he had already experience with Reiki II healing, he was mainly looking for challenging cases and having wonderful results.  Sessions  with satisfactory results include treatments of pains, open wounds and inflammation, cancer, thrombosis, severe headache, severe backache, severe muscular pains, stress, stroke victims, post-surgery cases and broken bones, severe scoliosis, alignment of the body, severe heart diseases, COVID infection, lack of lust for life, depressions, emotional problems, relationship problems, suicidal problems, neutralizing blockages,  past-life related trauma, entity/spirit attachments and selfhealing. Where necessary distant healing session by phone or WhatsApp call is done on request with clients around the globe without geographical limits.

Mr. Amatali  loves practicing Quantum-Touch® and having sessions with other people. Since Quantum-Touch® is not well known yet in Suriname, he loves to promote this powerful healing method there. He facilitates the Quantum-Touch Level I live workshops in Suriname and on Curacao.










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