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Lilly Rahmann

Certified Quantum Touch Instructor for Levels 1, 2 and Supercharging


Lilly's Crystal Healing & Resonance Centre

359 /31 Pracha Uthit Bangmod, Toongkruh, Bangkok
Bangkok, 10140

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[email protected]

LILLY RAHMANN, Ph.D, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Certified Gemologist, Certified Quantum Touch Level 1,2 and Supercharging Instructor and Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healing Instructor, Certified Spa Instructor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Naturopath specializing in minerals and phytotherapy, she makes her own line of beauty and health products, she is an accomplished jewellery designer  and she is the author of "Crystals Healing".

I have recently become a Quantum Touch Instructor so that I can help some of my students to become practioners and instructors.  I wanted to do this so that I can impart some of my knowledge to my students.  I have learnt many things over the years and I want this knowledge to help as many people as possible. I also want to show my students that a Quantum Touch Workshop is not only a two day event.  After every workshop I form a group with the students so that we can stay in touch in case anyone needs help.  They  can contact me at anytime for questions or help of any kind.  In the past we have helped many people that were sick at home or in the hospital. If one of my students contact me, I immediately contact one or many groups so that we can send energy all together at the same time to the person in need. We have had incredible results doing this. In some cases the doctors were amazed and puzzled with some of the speedy recoveries that occurred, but we all knew.

Quantum Touch has been in my life for a long time. I cannot count the number of times I used it on myself, my family and so many other people. It is important to keep on practising so that it is always there when you need it.  It is a wonderful tool to have on this life long journey. 

I have taught Quantum Touch in many countries.  You can organize a group of students and I will come to teach in your country. Simply contact me by email. Here are some other modalities that I teach:

1. Quantum Immune Therapy

2. Crystal Healing ( many levels)

3. Light / Colour Therapy

4. Phyto / Mineral and Litho Therapy

5. Hypnotherapy

Here are some testimonials from some of my students

" Lilly is an excellent teacher.  She is very knowlegeable, and is able to clearly explain and demonstrate the practical exercises. She is able to answer all questions, encourages the students to move beyond their limits, and instills confidence.  She is honest, authentic, conscientious, thorough, encouraging, very detailed and helpful.  She encourages student participation and always works with a positive attitude. She makes everyone feel at home.  Thank you very much!"  Robert


"Lilly is a marvelous instructor, her explanations are clear and precise. The fact that it is in both French and English is helpful.  The experience she has transpires into what she teaches.  You can easily tell she took the time and the tools to prepare herself for the workshop.  She is sensible to who we are and what we ask gets an answer.  It is a pleasure to have her as an instructor and I am recommending her to anyone who wants to progress.  Thank you Lilly."  Sylvie.

" Lilly is an exceptional and caring instructor. Her classes are filled with laughter, joy and information. She is very professional in her attitude. She takes the time and effort to go beyond what is required. Thank you Lilly." Richard

"I love the flow of information that comes out of Lilly in the class and the examples she provides to help us feel and understand more.  A very generous environment for learning."  Anna Maria.

 " I think Lilly Rahmann is a brilliant, dedicated and  most inspiring instructor.  Scholar in several disciplines surrounding the universal energy ( Chi) and of the human energy, she is capable of enlightening us on the best way of using the energy and better transmit the Quantum principles and applications.  Her personal experience in  healing serves to inspire the students in how better to use QT techniques in several different cases.  Her warm welcoming approach to the students comfort us to be in the best condition to learn the technique.  I will be grateful forever for this wonderful moment we had in her workshop.  Thank you forever". François.

 " Lilly is very enthusiastic about Quantum Touch.  She knows her material and does not have to check her notes constantly.  She follows the progress of each participant during the theory and practice.  She is able to correct them so that they can improve themselves.  She is a very positive person and helps to students to be positive by helping us avoid using negative words such as:  "sorry"  " I have no memory", " I am not good at..." etc.  She was able to reach me in the teaching and help me to get a better vision of the material and how to use it.  She goes in detail when she explains something, uses her body and hands to guide us on how to use the techniques.  She will teach it until all the class understands the technique and is able to do it correctly.  She was able to answer all of the questions without any problems.  She knows very well what she is doing and can teach it with ease. Thank you for all you are doing and let me know when you are giving other classes".  Sandrine

 " I enjoyed taking the course with Dr. Rahmann.  She is an excellent teacher and communicator.  We were all wholeheartedly charmed by her warmness and know how.  She is a devoted person and I would certainly take courses with her in the future.  I highly recommended Dr. Lilly Rahmann."  Réjean.




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