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Alex Perkel

Doctor of Metaphysical Science


Scientific Center Esoteric "ReBirth"

New Jersey, 07470
United States

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[email protected]



Doctor of Metaphysical Science Alex Perkel who resides in Wayne, New Jersey. He is a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and has completed the Supercharging Quantum-Touch course. In addition to being a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, he is a Certified Hypnotherapies, Energy Information Correction practitioner, Certified Feng Shui practitioner, Certified ZY Qigong instructor, Image Therapy Healer, Certified Space Clearing & House Blessing practitioner, Certified Past Life Regression Therapy practitioner, Ordained Minister. He studied in different school and also in China - Shaolin Monastery. His certifications in ZY Qigong from Master Mingtang Xu, also his certifications in Feng Shui from Master Raymond Lo. Alex offers private and distant healing sessions, Space Clearing and House Blessing, Feng Shui Services, Hypnosis Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Between Life Therapy, Healing Meditations. He also teaches classes in Tai chi and ZY Qigong, Feng Shui training classes. Alex has good experience working on a horses and different animals. For many years he was interested and studied esoteric knowledge in different schools. Many years ago he attained long time dream by opening Esoteric Science Center "ReBirth". He came across Quantum-Touch system and found that there are many known to him areas. Even though he has experience in esoteric field, Alex realized that the Quantum-Touch system is the base knowledge for many esoteric practices. In his practice, each client receives individual program where Alex combines different techniques to get better results. 

We can help you with different problems in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Our Specialization:

Spirits and Entities Removal, Removing negative information (whammy, damage and household curse), Soul Retrieval, Energetic-Informational Correction, Space Clearing and House Blessings, Paranormal Activity, Epilepsy, Porno addiction, Different kind of addiction, Therapy of male and female sexual diseases and abnormalities, Contact with Higher Consciousness, Feng Shui Services, Assistance in correcting Karmic mistakes.

Treatment of different diseases, like:

Thyroid, Immune system, Female and Male problems – (Therapy for reproductive organs, Cysts, Tumors, Premature birthing, Painful periods, Menopause, etc.,), Restoring your sexual energy and balance, Gallbladder (gallstones), Kidney, Bladder (infection, incontinence), Spine Scoliosis, Pain in a spine, Removing of a pain and inflammatory processes, Acceleration of the healing process, Hip joints alignment, Adjustment of bones into their correct alignment, Adjustment of cranial bones back into alignment, Healing deformed or broken bones no need for surgery, Depressed condition, Psychogenic illnesses (Manic Depression, Fears, Phobias,  Insomnia and more...)

We are using Hypnotherapy, Quantum Energy Healing, Cold Laser Therapy, Healing Pictures, Healing and Transformation with the Five Elements, in the physical body, includes: liver, gallbladder, eyes, tendons, and nails, heart, small intestine, tongue, and all blood vessels, spleen, stomach, mouth, lips, gums, teeth, and muscles, lungs, large intestine, nose, and skin, kidneys, urinary bladder, ears, bones, and joints.

Also anger, anxiety and depression, worry, sadness and grief, fear in the emotional bodies, and more... 

Quantum-Touch Energy-Healing and other healing modalities in many cases can also be performed very effectively from a long distance. 

For more information visit http://www.esotericinfo.com

Welcome ! ! !
In Love and Service, Alex Perkel


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