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Wendy L Warner



Be Vibrant LLC

Pennsylvania, 17603
United States

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[email protected]



Wendy's practice combines Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Level 2 with herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences, Nature Spirits, and sound healing to assist her clients in uncovering their true vitality.

 Wendy has always had a deep sense of compassion and love for people, animals, and Nature.  While her career started as a child with a love of dandelions and later gardening, her own health issues helped her explore how the food we eat plays a vital role in the body, whether building it up or tearing it down.  She found her way to the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies (which has evolved into the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalistm) now in Lafayette,  Colorado, and spent three beautiful years immersed in health on a deep level.  She is a certified clinical herbalist and registered herbalist/professional member of the American Herbalists Guild practicing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

 One year, after struggling with plantar fasciitis for eight months, she discovered Quantum-Touch.  In two short hours this eight-month condition melted away.  Her curiosity got the best of her and she realized she had to know more.  After taking her first Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop she started experimenting on herself, but the Universe kept sending other people her way as well.  The results were amazing.  She realized it would compliment her herbal medicine practice, especially with those who are very stressed and in pain; however, she has seen many conditions magically resolve.  She has used it on herself and others following surgery, with much faster healing rates that have turned the heads of many doctors and nurses.  Many people searching for answers in their lives are combining the Quantum-Touch session with flower essences for greater clarity and the release of blocked emotions. 

 In September of 2012 she took Level 2 with Vickie Wickhorst in Denver.  Wendy is loving the experiences her clients are having with the different ways of running energy.

 Wendy assists clients in their healing over the phone and through a HIPPA complaint online-type platform whether local or long distance.  She loves to see the gifts in any illness, injury, or unsettling situation and assist her clients in using those insights in their healing process.

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