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Chen, Hsiung-Kang Kapler

量子觸療療癒師、初階導師、高階導師、Supercharging (超級強化)導師、初階導師培訓官


和平東路二段107巷11弄6-1號2樓 台北市
Taipei, 106
Taiwan, Republic of China

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[email protected]



Quantum Touch Healing Practitioner, Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor, Supercharging Instructor, Basic Instructor Trainer

The first certified Advanced Instructor of Quantum Touch in Taiwan, and also a Basic Instructor Trainer and Supercharging Instructor in Mandarin. Monthly classes for Level 1, Level 2, and Supercharging certification courses are available.

Achieve your dreams: become a Quantum Touch Healing Practitioner or Level 1 Instructor!


● Love is a vibration that transcends boundaries between us and others, and has a profound impact on all levels of existence. It conveys our true essence and is the foundation of all healing and life force.

● Everyone has the innate ability to assist in healing, and healing skills can be taught and enhanced through practice.

● No one can truly heal another person. Those who seek healing ultimately need to heal themselves.

If you're interested in learning Quantum Touch Level 1, Level 2, or Supercharging courses, please contact me. Information on new classes can be found on my blog and Facebook page.




*Kapler's background:

MBA from New York Institute of Technology

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Hubei University of Chinese Medicine

Chairman of Quantum Resonance Chinese Association Taiwan, authorized by the US headquarters

Certified Health Manager in the US

Certified Hypnotherapist by NGH in the US

Teacher of Angelic Reiki in the UK

Teacher of the Sixth Light Mystery School

Teacher of Integrated Energy Therapy

Teacher of Soul DNA

Teacher of Shaktipat in the Galaxy


For friends who are interested in quantum touch, there is now a simple way to conduct an experiment that can demonstrate the results of energy resonance right before your eyes, without the limitations of time and space. In this 30-minute experiment, you will feel the miracle of quantum touch energy resonance.

Experiment steps:

  1. Prepare two transparent cups.
  2. Pour drinking water into both cups, filling only 1/4 of each cup.
  3. Take a photo of one of the cups and send it to me through WhatsApp. I will use quantum touch technology for energy resonance for 15 minutes.
  4. After 15 minutes, compare the clarity and taste of the two cups of water.

Experiment cost: Please choose a charitable organization to make a donation of any amount, and use the donation receipt as your registration fee.

Quantum touch experiment registration website: https://www.flowerculture.net/science_en.html


台灣第一位由美國Quantum Touch 總部認證的高階導師、華語地區的初階導師培訓官暨Supercharging(超級強化)導師,每月都會開辦Level 1 或 Level 2 新班及Supercharging(超級強化)證書課程班。




● 愛,是不分你我的振動,愛能與所有物種溝通,在所有的層面上發揮功效,傳達我們的真正本質。愛是所有療癒的基礎、生命力的核心本質。
● 每個人天生都具有協助療癒的能力,療癒技巧是可以教導傳授的,並可隨著運用而增強。
● 世上沒有人能真正治療別人,需要治療的人其實真正要的是自我療癒。


歡迎有興趣學習Quantum Touch Level 1,Level 2課程及超級強化(Supercharging)課程 的朋友們與我聯繫, 新班開課資訊請參閱部落格及Facebook





*Kapler 老師的學經歷:

紐約理工學院 MBA

湖北中醫學院 醫學碩士




英國天使靈氣(Angelic Reiki)教師


IET 大天使整合療癒教師  



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