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Randy Sandknop


Idaho, 83706
United States

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Alt. Phone:

208-424-6720 cell


[email protected]



Randy Lynn Sandknop is a Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor and Practitioner with training in Emotional Freedom Technique® (EFT) and therapeutic laughter. For the past ten years, she has developed her intuitive skills to combine with her training and experience to lock into each individual's unique physical and emotional issues and assist with the energy of compassion and humor.

In addition, Randy also offers an amazing product that works hand in glove with energy work in awakening and using body intelligence. ASEA is a whole new category of health science. Redox signaling is the new wave, are you ready to ride it? http://www.amazingmolecules.com 

Randy Lynn is a seasoned writer and speaker. Her ultimate focus is to inspire self-reliance and education for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Live Basic workshops are posted on the event calendar, please check for a location near you!

Sessions available by appointment, in person as well as distance and phone sessions.

Personal statement:

As a wellness practitioner, my intention is to allow each individual’s unique body energy to guide us in our work together. Through talk and healing touch, we uncover the mysteries of ill health and, through acceptance, heal. Those who are receptive and willing to explore will gain insights into their own health secrets and will develop self-confidence to read the messages that their bodies are constantly sending. I have learned that what we think, believe and feel combine to form our own unique perception and experience of personal reality. This engagement on the quantum level simply means that we have created what we are so far and that we have the power to change any time we choose. With caring respect, I welcome the opportunity to work with you on this wonderful level of possibilities.

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