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Paula de Govia

Quantum Touch Instructor / Practitioner, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Reiki Master


The Energy Healing Institute, Inc.

West Palm Beach Florida, 33415
United States

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Thank you for considering me as your Quantum Touch Instructor / Practitioner. I am an empath. I have the ability to perceive and feel energy and determine the areas of the body, which need special attention. I specialize in grief and emotional healing. Because we are holistic beings, once we work on the emotional, mental and/or spiritual bodies we are able to accelerate healing on a physical level. I have found that we are like layers of an onion, and the different layers require healing to take place so that the entire body can heal itself. 

I understand the incredible grief associated with the loss of loved ones that are no longer with us first hand. I have experienced several extreme losses in my life such as the loss of my grandparents, father, brother, and my greatest loss, my son. With each loss, my gifts have grown stronger. As a result of my child’s passing; I have helped many surviving parents, spouses, and children move through the grieving process using Quantum Touch healing. I am a spiritual intuitive channel and give messages from my guides and angels during the healing session when the opportunity arises for the highest and greatest good of the client. Each session is unique to the needs of the client at the time of the healing session.

I am a Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor. Together with my husband, Ricardo de Govia, we teach the Quantum Touch Level I Workshop giving our students the very unique experience of having both the male and female perspectives. I provide Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis to aid my clients in gaining a greater understanding of their health by seeing the condition of their cells. As part of my sessions, I channel messages if guided to do so. I offer Chakra Balancing and energizing, Aura Repair during my sessions. I offer local and distant healing. 

I empower you with the tools necessary for your body to heal itself naturally, which is everyone’s birthright. Your body has the ability to regenerate and heal itself given the right tools. We work together to unfold the true you that lies within. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, NOW is the time to make that change, NOW is the time to say enough is enough, NOW is the time to actively take control of your health! Love is the key, and Quantum Touch is the tool. By using Quantum Touch to raise the resonant frequency of your body, your body's own energy intelligence will guide the energy to go exactly where it needs to go in order to heal and repair at the cellular level. My husband (Ricardo de Govia who is also a Quantum Touch practitioner and instructor) and I have found Quantum Touch to be the most effective modality and we use it everyday, not only in our practice, but in our personal life everyday. Quantum Touch not only heals your mind, body, and spirit, it can heal and repair your life. It has become the primary modality we use in our practice because of its effectiveness and rapid results. I look forward to working together with you to get you the results you are looking to achieve. Let's get you back to being you...naturally...


In Love & Light,


Here are just a few Testimonials ~ Visit our website to view more https://quantumpowerhealing.com/testimonials


Student Testimonials:

* Dear Paula and Rick, I am grateful beyond words for the incredible experience this past weekend in the Quantum Touch Workshop.  To say it was a workshop would be an understatement.  What was taught went far beyond Quantum Touch. The course enabled and empowered the students with tools to ease and/or eliminate the bumps,  bruises , and wounds that we all encounter. Quantum tools that balance and elevate our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives and raise the consciousness of humanity. 
You shared your knowledge clearly and concisely where it was easy for all to grasp, and feel the high vibration of love and healing. Thank you for being the phenomenal teachers that you are.  You are the epitome of Light and Love. I look forward to us healing each other again.  So happy to hear about your brother….another miracle!!!
 - Many Blessings, B. Stoller, LMT - Hollywood, FL

* Rick and Paula, I truly appreciate your kindness and have been thinking about this weekend ever since I left your beautiful home.  You both have so much important knowledge to share about healing individuals as well as the planet, on a global level. It was a pleasure to experience your amazing gift of creating a warm, loving atmosphere, where people feel truly open to express themselves. The hands on healing, during the workshop, was extremely powerful. I loved working with each person and experiencing how they genuinely wanted to help each other, while they sincerely appreciated any healing they received during the process. The nurturing environment of the workshop encouraged each participant to reach their potential and more! I am truly grateful for all of the knowledge, insight and techniques you so generously shared. I look forward to connecting again in the near future! 
Sending Light and Love to you both and your family, L. Nicola - Wellington, FL 

* Rick and Paula, Phenomenal job with the workshop! It was beyond what I expected. It truly does change people's lives. You guys are true light here on Earth. Stay in touch please. Whatever you guys ever need help with, know that you have a brother here you can count on. I love you both, V.M. - Kendall, FL

* Dear Paula and Rick, It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to attend your Quantum Touch Level One workshop and meet both of you!!  You are both such talented "healers" and teachers!  Your knowledge of Quantum Touch, as well as your skill at sharing this information was invaluable to me! Your Quantum Touch workshop provided that "something more" factor that I was seeking.  Yes, you taught the core curriculum from Quantum Touch but you also chose to openly share and demonstrate several other types of  "tried and true" energy healing techniques that you use in your own healing work!  You taught this course from your heart and you gave so much guidance on how to expand my own health, my knowledge base and my energy healing skills. I am deeply grateful for the personal guidance you gave me on how to improve my healing "vessel", as well as the channeled messages that I received from both of you and my "new" friend Sandy.  This was a life-changing workshop on so many levels!  Thank you so very much!! With great joy, appreciation and deep gratitude, I would highly recommend this Quantum Touch Workshop to anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of Quantum Touch healing and a greater understanding of how energy can heal! With tremendous love and light!  S. Fitzpatrick, Tecumseh, Canada 

Practitioner Testimonials:

* I credit the positive changes in my life to the help you’ve given me Paula. All the years of therapy didn’t get me the results I got in one session with you. Thank you so much for the patience, the healing, the wisdom, and the love that flows from you so freely. 

– R. Marker - MI

* Paula thank you from the depths of my soul for your amazing, compassionate work with me. I feel so settled & happy, grounded, ready to move on, in love and gratitude. 

- W. Palma - Lake Worth, FL

* Hi Paula, Your distant healing's have helped me tremendously. Your guidance has helped me to work on healing myself too. I have completed all my healing in the past month - by wearing the crystal against my sternum - pancreas area. I remembered so much about distance healing's you sent to me and was able to finish the rest on my own. But somehow I think you sent many angels to me in December. I just feel them all the time. I have recovered so many other parts of myself as now all my chakras and meridians are working the way they did before all the trauma. What a gift that is - to remember your first love and more. I just could never thank you enough for all you have done for me. I even sleep with the stones from Greece in my bed and made even further progress this week. I even put the stones in boiling water and I feel the aroma of the sea from Greece is helping to heal my lungs. I feel like a walking miracle now. I know the value of distance healing. So many wonderful memories came back and I have never felt so healed and whole. I know now I have a great responsibility to listen to God, My Angels and Spirit guides every day. Let me know how you are, Blessings, - L. Greisinger Green Bay, WI 

* Paula is a very warm and available healer. From the onset, I felt that she was 'there for me. During my first session she was balancing my chakras and doing her energy healing. I felt such a warmth come over me. I began to cry uncontrollably. I released so much bottled up feelings that I just couldn't hold back any longer. She made me feel safe and told me that it was okay to release these feelings and not to hold back in any way. I did so freely. After the session I apologized as I just didn't know what came over me. Paula explained that I had a lot of emotional blockages which were released, much of which had to do with my childhood and my relationship with my father. She also explained that the emotional blockages can be a major block in my health challenges as well and that this was extremely important in the healing process. She explained that the emotions may continue throughout the week, and she was right. Being a guy, crying is not something I am accustomed to doing, but I guess I needed to because after 1 week, the changes were so dramatic in my life that I cannot possibly explain how extreme my life changed. I continue to see Paula regularly because her sessions keep me grounded and I feel so at peace. I became more attentive, more loving, towards my wife and my kids, more patient at work, happiness like I haven't felt in years, and I even started to talk to my father again. I will even go as far as saying I think your sessions saved my marriage. I'm Back and enjoying life again.

- R. Boelle, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 



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