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Brenda Cayley

Quantum-Touch Practitioner


Brenda Cayley

Quebec, J9J 3G9

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Alt. Phone:

819-360-4657 Cell


[email protected]

Brenda has a background in Sociology and Teaching and is bilingual in French and English.  Due to a challenging illness she was drawn to alternative methods of healing which in turn led her to energy work.  Allopathic medicine stabilized her but it was energy work which brought about healing.  Quantum-Touch® Therapy has played a vital role in her recovery.  It has helped her to unblock energies that were contributing to a weakened immune system, allergies, sensitivities, depression, anxiety and the emotional issues associated with the loss of loved ones.


In light of her own success with Quantum-Touch Brenda chose to become a Quantum-Touch practitioner and pursue her goal of helping others on their healing journeys.  She has found this approach to be a simple way to work with a powerful energy.  Beginning in 2010, Brenda has participated in Quantum-touch workshops, (with Aileen McKenna in Ottawa and Lilly Rahmann from Montreal), completed over 90 hours of practice, and participated in weekly and then monthly healing circles.  She saw many people experiencing the positive effects of this work.  


In addition Brenda has experience and training in many approaches to working with energy: Chakras, EFT, Reflexology, Guardians of Light, Prosperity Now, NVC (conscious communication), Tao Meditation and Yoga.


Brenda views her personal journey as one of a spiritual nature and the healing we do on all levels of being as part of our spiritual growth.

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