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Rick Garzaniti

Florida L.M.T./Nice Guy #MA9054 Certified QT Practitioner Levels 1&2


Florida, 32303
United States

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Rick began his career in the medical profession as an Air Force medic in 1967 which included 2 1/2 years in the Reese AFB, Texas, emergency room and 15 months working with wounded U.S. marines, soldiers, seamen and allied personnel in Da Nang, Vietnam. He then worked for 2 1/2 years as a nurse assistant in a north Florida hospital; nearly 11 years as a paramedic on ambulances and a "flight medic" on Life Flight (helicopter and fixed wing). During his 35 years as a Florida Licensed Massage Therapist (since 1988), Rick has worked in 4 rehab clinics, 3 chiropractor's offices and 3 "high-end" resorts: Francis Ford Coppola's Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize, Central America; The Grove Park Inn Resort in Asheville, N.C.; and the Ritz-Carlton Spa in Naples, Florida. He has also worked in 2 physical therapy clinics, was an instructor at 2 massage schools and was INVITED, then hired, by the State of Florida to be an examiner for the practical portion of Florida's massage therapy licensing exam (practical portion is no longer required).

After 35 years experience with different healing modalities, Rick successfully completed the Level 1 Quantum-Touch workshop in November, 2002. He states, "Quantum-Touch proved to be a quantum LEAP towards awakening the healer within me." Rick went on to successfully complete the Quantum-Touch 2.0 workshop in October, 2016. Applying the simple QT techniques, he has worked on family members, local residents, and clients all over the world without leaving his living room in Florida!

With 56 years in the medical profession, specifically during the 21 years Rick has been offering QT sessions, he has pursued and practices other energy-based healing modalities (Raymon Grace's Dowsing; Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy, Levels 1&2; and Ian Welch's Golden Age Affirmations). However, because of its simplicity and effectiveness, Quantum-Touch continues to be his favorite "go-to" modality. Based upon his extensive and varied history, Rick isn't lying when he tells potential clients, "This ain't my first rodeo."


When asked if he's a healer, Rick responds with one of his favorite quotes from Richard Gordon: "Since the true healer is the person receiving the energy, the practitioner is merely acting as the catalyst to allow the healer to heal him- or herself, and to access and utilize a higher vibrational frequency of energy." So, Rick completely understands that, just as he cannot take credit for healing someone, he cannot accept the blame for someone NOT healing. 

You can contact Rick via phone, via email, or via his website which contains only SOME of the Quantum-Touch success stories personally experienced by Rick's clients. He doesn't answer calls from unknown numbers, so when you reach his voicemail, PLEASE leave a message and he will be more than happy to return your call. Really! 

(Florida Massage License #MA9054)

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