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Law Kit Ying


Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

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[email protected]

I am grateful to have the chance to touch the lives of many people through Quantum Touch (QT). Everything started in 2012, I experienced the magical healing process for hip reposition by Richard Gordon (The founder of Quantum-Touch) in a seminar at the University of Hong Kong. One month later, I got pregnant successfully after several times of miscarriages in the past few years. Two years later, I had my first QT Level 1 training just before my second daughter was born. Unfortunately, she had a severe traumatic brain injury in an accident when she was just 1 month old. We were told that she might remain in a persistent vegetative state according to the medical report and the perspective of the medical practitioner.

But there was so miracle that over hundreds of QT partitioners from Quantum-Touch Association (Chinese) (量子共振華人協會) doing distance healing on my daughter. It was a surprise that my daughter could wake up within 5 days from a coma and come back home for rehabilitation just after one month's admission. I was so grateful that God let me learn QT. I still remembered that every day while I did QT on my daughter at the hospital, her face was full of peace, and it made me experience how QT contributed to the good recovery of my daughter.

I had a master's degree in Trauma Psychology in 2009 and had been in social work for 20 years in Hong Kong. Over that time, I have sharpened the abundant skills to advocate the wellness of body-mind-spirit in a holistic approach by integrating eastern and western cultures.

As a Quantum-Touch Level 1 instructor and Tuning Fork Therapy practitioner, I devote myself to letting more people experience their own healing miracles and find a wonderful change in their lives.

(Courses will be conducted in Cantonese, all Hongkongers are welcome.)

(Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] to confirm the course on your own schedule.)

Let’s spread Light and Love to our World ✨❤️

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