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Thea Willette

Women's Health and Emotions. Quantum Touch Instructor, Ambassador, and Pracitioner


Thea Willette


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What I love most about Quantum Touch is just how easy it is!

You have most likely already experienced a form of it in your everyday life. Imagine a time you stubbed your toes. You most likely immediately placed your hands over your toes, while taking in a deep breath! In this example you just matched attention, awareness and breathing!

Now think of Quantum Touch as exponentially more powerful than that! Quantum Touch gives us the framework to amplify what we already intuitively know! And with this understanding, we can hold a space that allows self-healing.

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Using the techniques of breathwork, body awareness, elevated emotions and intention, we work to raise our vibration creating an abundance that our clients entrain to through prinicples of resonance. In this way, the clients body uses this energy for its own self healing. We can trust that our bodys are intelligent and capable of self healing! 

and discover how energy healing can transform your challenges to empower you in creating the life you have dreamed of living.

This will be fun!

Thea Willette

Words from my students:

What insights have you gained from this workshop?

The idea of entraining with our desires versus attracting them - a new way of thinking about manifesting/conscious creation for me

This is giving me a lot of answers behind what I often have already done.

More and more apparent that this work is much needed and so accessible to everyone.

That I continue to LOVE attending workshops!!! I always learn something new; it doesn't matter which level of course I take.

The IN breath is as important as the OUT breath. Don’t overextend the out breath or you will deplete your energy.

How powerful energy work is.

That distance energy healing actually works!

By just observing what comes up, eliminating good or bad, gives a different perspective to identify and feel symptoms/emotions.

My biggest insight was coming from a connection with my body that arose from practicing breathing and sweeping: I felt breath arising much lower than usual, right in the middle of the lowest part of my torso, and it felt like the breath I've always known, somehow, was there for me but couldn't access. It came naturally without forcing, and I kept tapping into this in the practicing of the breathing and sweeping as I continued in the workshop. This felt amazing and I'm still connected to it!

Understanding the basics of energy and the simplicity of it.

So many! The biggest insight I gained though was how powerful and effective the energy work was given how the techniques were simple to perform. You'd expect that level of healing only to occur through much effort. Another big insight was a reminder how powerful the vibration of love is. I tend to overcomplicate things when I'm problem solving, and a better approach is to simply send love to the situation.

I have deepened my insights and skills in quantum touch and how to utilize the tools to heal all aspects of my life. It has been wonderful to begin to share this with loved ones.

What aspects were impactful for you?

I very much enjoyed Thea’s sharing of her experiences with QT on her family, and clients. Also enjoyed the practice sessions.

To experience the effects of distant healing

I love everything chakra related so I really enjoyed that aspect of the process and the related guided meditation. I also loved the guided meditation to send the energy towards ourselves and our lives from past to future. Really beautiful.

Manifestation :). I found this to be the most inspiring part of the training. It reminded me to stay empowered and continue to keep dreaming and reframing my heart's desires. Thank you for this!

As I'm learning and practising, I could feel sensations that were just incredible and hard to explain in words, it was powerful!

The healing in real time that I received was one of the most impactful aspects for me. Again, the simplistic nature of the work and the results are a true phenomenon. And that I could return that to someone else in the same way was incredibly fulfilling. But the most impactful aspect was the amazing instructor Thea and my fellow student's energy. I believe it was the best experience possible because of their kind, loving energy.

I understood emotional & physical changes could be experienced, however I had no idea the depth of the innate movement of energy within the body.

The practice sessions were challenging in the beginning, and I wasn't sure I could really do the work. It was so empowering to keep trying and then to feel this energy coursing freely through my body with my breath.

the ease and lovely flow of it just struck me immensely, like YES!!

Anything else?

Thea is an amazing teacher! She made learning so much fun! Excellent pace and flow, plus her tone and expression helped hold attention to the task at hand. I would highly recommend Thea to anyone who wants to learn Quantum Touch.

Really enjoyed Thea’s energy, and her “get creative, think outside the box, use QT everywhere in your life”

To step away from the material world...sessions for teens with friends would be a great birthday gift any parent would love to share! Blessings and love to Thea and the entire Quantum Touch family.

Thank you, thank you and thank you for the lovely sessions!

I can't say enough good things about this workshop and about Thea! I would take her workshops over and over again to keep learning from her experience as a practitioner and her life in general. I really like that we had a lot of discussion time. It enhanced the workshop greatly and being able to connect on that level with like-hearted people is an experience I'll hold closely to my heart always.

I see why you teach this incredible work - you're a natural teacher, and your joy and knowledge come through beautifully. Thank you!

I love how you let us have open discussions and let it flow naturally that way. I appreciated the flowy format and loved the small class. It felt perfect to me. Thank you for running the class! I have been enjoying using the energy and am excited to see what will come with it. I would love to stay on your mailing list and take another course with you in the future! Thank you again, Thea! <3

Thankyou so much for sharing your time and energy with me! I am grateful to learn with you and share this beauty of this work with you!

The class was absolutely wonderful, the ease, grace, support and love comes right through, Thankyou

Words from my clients:

“Quantum Touch is the most powerful energy healing modality I’ve ever experience. I myself am a Reiki master teacher, I and was blown away by the simple power of quantum touch. I have experienced profound shifts in my own personal life after experiencing this modality."

"Thea is a pleasure to work with. She is highly empathic, compassionate, and very in tune with me. I’m very picky about who I choose for any sort of bodywork modality, because it is such an intimate experience. I fully trust Thea and her gifts. I have recommended her services to several friends and family members, and they have all had positive experiences with her both individually and through group healings. If you’re curious about quantum touch, book a session. You won’t regret it.”

"With Quantum Touch, the tension in my neck, shoulders and back relaxed. I got a sense of clarity in my mind, the fogginess and stress lifted. I became less anxious, and my sleep improved.
I have been able to really get in touch with my body as far as particular areas that I've had problems.
I felt a big wave of peace and comfort. Your shining light and support, sending me energy in the hard moments, even far away means more than you'll ever know!!"

 "For more than 20 years I had pain in my hip. Some physiotherapists told me that my hips and complete skeletal structure were out of alignment. I measured my hips level before and after the session and found out that difference now was only 2-3 mm. Before, it was 12 mm! Thea, I can’t express enough how thankful I am for your work and how much I’m looking forward to having more of these sessions, believing that my bones will be finally aligned, and my overall health improved."

"I was experiencing shoulder and neck pain at a 6, and not sleeping well. After a session I felt calm and relaxed. My pain went down to a 3. The following day the pain had subsided more, and I had a great night sleep!"


"I found that experiencing the Quantum Touch sessions helped our whole family. It helped my husband, and I emotionally, and helped my son physically. It was so great to have the opportunity to experience this, especially via distant healing when so many things were otherwise unavailable due to COVID. I would highly recommend Quantum Touch and Thea to anyone who is interested in this experience. It has been a beautiful experience for my family, and I look forward to working with her more in the future!"

 “I felt a vibration in the back of my head. I found it to be calming and peaceful. Yes broke through lots of emotions. It was such a unique experience… the energy was flowing the me… my muscles were contracting and released randomly… I kept seeing white bright light”

 “Felt hot all over. Then cool. I had a buzzing in my left foot towards the end…have had foot problems there, assumed it was a good sign. I'd love to do that every night to go to sleep with!!”

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