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Stormi Annette Summers


Your Healing Path

241 CAROL AVE Idaho Falls
Idaho, 83401
United States

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[email protected]

I have been a Spiritual Minister since 1981.

QT Level 1 & 2

I am a Reiki Master and Teacher.  Reiki Distance Healing, Animal Reiki.

I am a certified Spiritual Wealth Practitioner.   An Emotion Code Practitioner.  A Certified Coach in Life Optimization

I have successfully completed and am certified in Ho'oponopono, Attaana Method, Certified Core Practitioner.


 Elements of Harmony......  Learning to live in the Light.  Learning to live with Nature and the Healing Sounds of the wind in the trees, the wind gently blowing across the water. Listening to the songs of the birds as they fly.  Watching a feather as it floats to the ground. Seeing the sparkling stars at night.  Watching the sunrise or the sunset with their brilliant colors of the rainbow.  Meditating and bringing in the Healing Power of Love.  Love from the Universe.  Love from The Great Creator.

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