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Taiwan, Republic of China

For friends who are interested in quantum touch, there is now a simple way to conduct an experiment that can demonstrate the results of energy resonance right before your eyes, without the limitations of time and space. In this 30-minute experiment, you will feel the miracle of quantum touch energy resonance.

Experiment steps:

  1. Prepare two transparent cups.
  2. Pour drinking water into both cups, filling only 1/4 of each cup.
  3. Take a photo of one of the cups and send it to me through WhatsApp. I will use quantum touch technology for energy resonance for 15 minutes.
  4. After 15 minutes, compare the clarity and taste of the two cups of water.

Experiment cost: Please choose a charitable organization to make a donation of any amount, and use the donation receipt as your registration fee.

Quantum touch experiment registration website: https://www.flowerculture.net/science_en.html

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