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Gloria Terry Krausse

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Level 1, Level 2, Supercharging




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+49 1521 8492100


[email protected]

Gloria is a certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner, a Quantum healing modality she has used for self-healing from pains and emotional attachment to people and the environment. She uses it now to assist in the healing process of clients, animals and plants.

“Since my childhood, I have suffered from migraines, which have increased in my adult life. Neither medication nor various therapies brought healing success. I stumbled upon an interview on YouTube in 2019 with Richard Gordon, who talked about Quantum Touch®. It was exactly what I had always imagined - it was THE answer I was waiting for! Shortly afterwards I attended my first Quantum-Touch seminar. I could immediately feel the Life-Force energy. All exercise sequences with other participants worked extremely well. I had finally found my therapy! In a few months, I could heal myself from my lifelong migraine and also from fears, stress symptoms, severe back pain and stomach problems.

Now I am here to apply this wonderful method to others with great enthusiasm. I am available for English- and German-speaking clients around the world. Treatments are online, by phone, remotely and directly.

Pain and discomfort that we experience physically and emotionally result from an imbalance in our energetic bodies. ‘Health problems are imperceptible sensations that are trapped in the body. They hardened and strengthened there.’

Give your energy body a chance. In Quantum Touch® treatment, the Life-Force energy is intended in such a way that you feel refreshed, charged and rejuvenated. You will quickly feel a pleasant relaxation, healing warmth and significant relief from the symptoms.

My purpose in this world and in this lifetime is to be of service to this planet through healing, inspiring and helping to move humanity into a space of oneness, and pure love.”

A Quantum Touch® session helps you to speed up your healing process, to understand yourself better and to feel the effects of vitality immediately. You understand the root cause of your illness through your Inner Healer - physically, emotionally and spiritually. You increase your own vibration, significantly strengthen your self-healing powers, and feel much more powerful and lighter. There is no limit to energy healing except the limits of your own imagination.  

Energy healing has to be experienced to be understood and she would be delighted to share this with you.

Listen to the Radio Show here: http://www.newsforthesoul.com/shows/hygeia-healing/



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