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Viorel Latan

Stoian Militaru No 38 Bukarest
All Regions, 040717

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[email protected]



My name is Viorel Latan, I was born with various abilities and perceptions which I thought everybody had them, but growing up I realised that I had a special connection with the subtle world that others did not have. So I started experimenting, studying, searching for answers that had no answer nor any explination. I remember one time, when I was just a child, I notice that my classmates got sick with common flu therefore they missed school days and I wondered why I NEVER got sick, not even with common flu, so I induced myself a fevrile state so strong which resulted in my first out of body experience. Then, I realised that everything I whised for I could have, as a result of my inner harmony and peace.

Later in life I discovered Reiki, I practiced with Japanese teachers, with American teachers, I improved my abilities, and I noticed that others could also perceive subtle energies and that even there was a system created in which these magnific energies could be transmited. Although in Japan is called Ki, in China is called Chi, in India is called Prana, in Hawaii is called Mana, in Christianity is called Holly Spirit I think that they are all the same and they are all about the same thing, the Life Force that sustain us all.

We can use this energy to improve all the aspects of our lives, on all the plans: phisical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

And this is how I decided to help other people to understand the laws that gouvern our world, both inner and outter world, to help them be the change they want to make.

I am a Teacher and a Master in various energetic systems and I offer my lifetime experience to guide you in your journey.

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