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Ruthann Dolma Pippenger


United States

Contact Information


[email protected]

Ruthann Dolma Pippenger has a rich and varied background as a teacher, healer and minister.  Ruthann co-directed/owned Aurora, a teaching healing center in Oslo, Norway before returning to reside in the US.  She has directed body-mind-spirit healing retreats in the USA, nine European countries, Australia and New Zealand.  She travels internationally as a past life therapist and human potential consultant specializing in mastering emotions, interpersonal communication and Inner Light Consciousness. She is an ordained Healing Cherag in the Western Sufi Order and an ordained minister of The Fellowship of Inner Light. She was initiated into a shamanic healing order by Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael. And as Richard Gordon, Ruthann trained as a polarity therapist. She is now pleased to be a Quantum Touch Practitioner.

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